How about an OCM update?!

Well, it's October 1st.

October. First.


I could write about Fall, and all the things. Pumpkin. Cozy sweaters. SCARVES!

It's also my patron's feast day. Happy feast day, St. Therese!!! Pray for us! I should probably write about her beautiful doctrine and all the awesomeness that she is.

Instead... I bring you an OCM update. Why? Well, why not?

I haven't written about it in, ohhhh... a year and a half. I figured now is as good a time as any to provide a little update!

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No Makeup, huh?!

What's better than before and after, er, now pictures?!

Annnnnnd TODAY!

October 2016
This is seriously amazing! :) I love doing this... it gives me such a great perspective on how much my face has improved. I see it everyday, so, of course, I am my own worst critic. I see everything. But, this!


Right cheek.

So exciting!!! No Makeup.
Also. Crazy long hair.
Guys. I am comfortable running errands, going to work, going out, etc WITH NO MAKEUP. I don't constantly think about what people may possibly me thinking when they look at my face. Gosh, I don't know if I ever thought I'd ever be comfortable in my skin. 

I am TOTALLY comfortable in my skin. Ah! PTL!

What am I doing, you ask?! THE SAME THING!

The Oil Cleansing Method with coconut oil. Interestingly, I have NOT used the Clarisonic in over a year. I can't really tell you why I stopped. But, I did... and for right now I am ok with not using it.

My method continues to be this...
  • Take my eye makeup off and brush my teeth
  • Scoop some coconut oil into my hand (maybe a nickel size) with a 
  • Rub the oil alllll over my face and jaw line
  • Wipe off with hot wash cloth (as hot as you can stand it)
  • May take a few times to get all the oil, makeup, etc off
  • Rinse out washcloth
  • Splash some water on my face
  • Pat dry with towel
  • Go to bed
  • Wipe face with hot washcloth
  • Take a leeeeetle bit of coconut oil and rub on face as moisturizer

Really. It's that easy.

I say this all the time but I will say it again. Please take the time to see which types of oils work for you. You may need a combo. You may need something completely different than coconut. Your skin may react differently to certain oils than others. Take the time to find what will work for you. :)

For me. I loooooooove me some coconut oil. :) :)

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I love my momma.

I told myself I would write something today.

It's been a while. I miss this space. I miss this time of reflection. I have been teeeeerrrrrrrible about self care for the better part of this last year. And this writing. I think it will help. I am out of practice. I am getting distracted. Do I really have anything worth saying?

Who cares? I am here. Writing. And it feels good.

So... my mom went back home last night. She was here for 10 days. TEN DAYS!

It was the longest we had spent together for a long time... it was both a long and very quick trip.

There is so much that I could talk about. From the house drama that she dove head first into. To me still having to work and not actually seeing her very much. To the enjoyment we both had just being around each other again.

We both miss that. More on some days than others.

But, what struck me most about this time with my momma... is her absolute love for me. I mean, for real. Her flexibility and sacrifice of doing things she wanted or what she preferred... all for me. All while I am freaking out about the next house thing, or stressing about work stuff, or sharing some things that are difficult to share.

It's really something that I take for granted... ya know? A mother's love. Her willingness to sacrifice and do all the things... just for her kid. I know my momma loves me. I know she wants to do these things for me. But, it just seems so one sided.

How can I ever really, truly make it known to her that I do notice. That I do appreciate all the things. That my life wouldn't be as full without her love and sacrifice.

This isn't to say that we never get on each others' nerves. Agree on everything. Words hurt sometimes, ya know? We have both felt them over the years. As much as we would maybe not like to admit, we are very similar in many ways. We tend to take things personally, are emotional about many things and need time to process when we are feeling hurt or aren't seeing where the other is coming from. As we both have gotten older, we have learned -through some tears, some yelling, some silence- how to talk with more love. Reminders to not take things personally. Apologies. And hugs.

Those hugs are ever important now that we don't see each other on the regular anymore. Physical touch with people that you are closest with is so important, ya know? Hugs can do wonders.

I am just so grateful to my momma. For her love. For her words of wisdom and advice. Even when I don't feel like hearing it OR feel like it fully applies to me life. :) For her hugs. For her silliness. For her desire to want her kid to be living her to the fullest.

I love you, Mom. Thank you for being you. And hanging out. And making me buy all the things for my place to make it my home. ;)

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Living Room Help!

Hi Guys!

So... there are just too many choices to design a space. I mean, obviously. I watch HGTV, so I get it. But, when it's YOU that has to make the decision it can be overwhelming. This does not come naturally to me. I just want to be done and have my home feel like home.

But, such is life. I don't have an unlimited budget (what?! I know.) and am not a DIYer. I have succumbed to the fact that I maaaaaaay have to do some DIY things. But, it intimidates me. I need to look for the good thrift stores in my area, still.

But, Jen, what is your style?! I DON'T KNOW! That is such a big question! But, here is what I have been really drawn to...

  • Midcentury modern... tapered legs give me all the heart eyes.
  • Bohemian textures/colors
  • Mixed materials- wood/metal is the bomb
  • So, eclectic. That's me.
  • West Elm. If I could buy ALL the things, I'd be set.
The issue with the MCM/Boho look is that it's very minimalistic. I have a problem with clutter. And right now, I have stuff everywhere still. Boxes. Stuff with no home. Things I don't even know what I am going to do with. I know that the big stuff will settle overtime. But, in a general sense, I do have a hard time throwing stuff away. *eye roll* I knoooooow.

For the MCM/Boho look to work well, I need to learn how to control allll that. That should be another post with advice.

Living room! That's what I need advice for right now! Help!

So, the space is... interesting. It's open to the dining area. But is also long and kind of narrow. To figure out where the TV should go that works with the couch and chair. Ugh.

Inspection Day

After move-in and for about a month I lived like this.

And this is what it's been for almost another month!
Obsessed with my IKEA Chair!!
West Elm Peggy Couch
I just rearranged because it just didn't feel right. I am not convinced the below design is best. But, I am going to live with it like this for a bit. In pictures it actually looks nice, but in real life it feels weird still. But, that could be because it's new.

The kitchen is behind me to the left (enclosed)
The dining area is to the right, behind... open.

Side table is from World Market

Just to give you a better idea of the flow of the entire space.
This was before I moved the living furniture, obviously.
And I don't have the placemats out like that.
West Elm dining table.
IKEA dining chairs.
Eames chairs from TJMaxx
SOOO! What do you think of the living setup? I would mount the TV on the wall in the corner. And I need a fun area rug! It needs to fill the area, complimentary to the dining rug, more functional than just for the look (technically I should have wall-to-wall carpeting... ask me about that ordeal sometime! #homeownership).

Give me all your ideas!
ALSO! What resources do you LOVE for home design/style?! Especially for a newbie like me!

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A little mouse that broke me


I was eating dinner at my kitchen table...

I am sitting in the chair closest to the camera. There I am, just chomping away... and I see some movement out of the corner of my (left) eye.
Quickly turn.
And there. In all it's glory.

A mouse. A da** mouse.

I just stared at it. Panicking inside. Heart rate high. Stomach sinking.
How do you get rid of the thing WHEN IT'S JUST SITTING THERE!?

I stood up. Took one step.
It scurried under the stove.


What else could I do, but... that's right, CALL MY MOM!

Mom: Hey sweetie
Me: MOM!
Mom: Yeees?
(feeling sorry for me silence, not a "good luck with that" silence... make sense?)
Me: Oh my gosh. Mom! A MOUSE! Uggggggh!
Mom: Yuck! I am so sorry.

She then proceeded to calm me down... a little. I called my associations' maintenance guy, who gave me the number for the exterminator. I went to Home Depot and got some traps.

Texted my dad.
Continued to freak the freak out.
Texted my friends.
Realized that I REALLY can't handle crap like this.

I am not one of those people that just deals with creatures. Rodents or bugs or anything that INVADES MY SPACE.


And I just broke. Why did I think it was a good idea to buy a house? And handle all of this on my own? Who said I was adult enough for this? Why did I decide to live on my own? And just be able to deal with all the stuff that I don't like.

I didn't go to bed until after midnight because I was scared the darn thing was going to find me. No joke. How old am I again?

And here comes the part where this is all just a big metaphor for my life.

Just kidding. I mean, I am absolutely sure there is a very meaningful one. But, I haven't fully found it yet. Nor, do I really want to. It's kind of exhausting having to find meaning and purpose in every.single.crazy.thing that happens in the day/week/year/life, ya know? I can't be the only one.

But, I do know that Satan tried to use this to really, really break me down. To believe things that I know only come from him.

I did buy this awesome condo.
I can do this. Yes, it's hard. Yes, I will do things that I don't want to.
Yes, I will learn a whole lot about things that I can't even imagine.
I am capable of making this place be a place of joy and love and beauty.
This is my life. This is where I'm at.

With da** mouse and all.

No, I haven't caught him. No, I haven't seen him again. Maybe he went away!! Or, maybe he is dead under my stove.

The exterminator comes tomorrow.

Pray for me.

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Wait, I'm a homeowner?!

It's still surreal.

I own MY on place.

As of yesterday, I have officially been a homeowner for 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS!

I can believe it's already been 4 weeks... and it's only 4 weeks? Isn't that funny? How timing works.

Anyway, leading up to, the day of and the days after May 27 were a whirlwind. My mom came into town. I bought/closed on my condo. I moved in. I went to the beach to celebrate Gramps' 9th birthday. Oh, and I was working.

HA. It was a lot. Overwhelming. Scary. Nerve-racking. But, so so so SO exciting!

My mom was a godsend. She was ever-patient and worked her tail off. It was pretty much nonstop while she was here, but she just... handled it. She was so excited for me, and helped organize and move things and put things together. I seriously wasn't super stressed because my momma was here. It was the best.

The days and weeks following the move have been a little... weird.

It was weird to be sleeping in this place by myself.
All the new.
No idea where anything is.
No furniture.

Even though this place was my condo, my home... it was definitely not home.

And that has been really hard. Harder than I was expecting it to be. Actually, I don't even think I gave it one thought.

I was so excited to be having my own space. My own place to put all of my belongings. Organize things the way that I want them to be... that I just didn't think about the transition. The fact that everything is going to be empty. And bare. And cold.

And, so not homey.

And then, I was driving home one day and I realized something.
I realized that I was embarrassed.
Guh! I know.

I was embarrassed that my first place is a condo instead of a cute little house. I was embarrassed that I was doing this by myself instead of with a husband. I was embarrassed that I may be paying more than I should be. I was embarrassed. Plain and simple.

And then I read something on the ol' IG the other day, "Focusing on what your life is NOT rather than accepting what it IS, is one of the greatest forms of self sabotage."

That line right there... hit me like a ton of bricks. And I'm still feeling the effects.

That is exactly what I had been doing without even noticing. I was totally focusing on everything other than NOW. What is going on in my life right now. And it was completely sucking the joy away.

I have often said that I'm pretty good at living in the now and being in the moment, but it's kind of disconcerting how quickly that can change. How quickly the devil sweeps in and takes hold of the part of you that doubts and worries and trusts that life is good, and makes everything seem just completely not good enough.

Oh my gosh... I BOUGHT A CONDO! I am 31 years old, living outside of one of the most influential cities in the world, working at one of the top pediatric facilities in the country basically doing my dream job... and I was able to BUY a home. Not only THAT. I have some beautiful people in my life. I have some amazing friends. An awesome family. And am loved by an incredible God.

This life that I am living... it is not exactly how I pictured it would be. But, this IS the life that the Lord has given me, and darn it, isn' that good enough?! Isn't the Lord good enough?

So, I am getting there. I am letting that embarrassment go, and letting excitement and gratefulness take over. Will you pray for me?!

Annnnnnnnnd because I know y'all are dying for SOME pics! :) Just remember, this is transition. And I don't have much furniture. Keep that in mind. :) One day when I have things more organized and have actual furniture, I will try to do a real tour. My comp is making things difficult with pics these days... maybe it's on the frtiz?!

Master bedroom on inspection day 

Pretty much what it looks like right now! That carpet is the BEST!
Home Depot

Master bath, renovated.

With some of my things.

Living area, on inspection day.

And pretty much now. The tv is out of the box because CABLE.
And, I have ordered a couch!

A little shout-out to the awesome windows in my place! All the heart-eyes.

Kitchen on inspection day. Yep, with some crazy under cabinet lighting.

Ha! Right after I moved in. It's pretty nice looking now.. but not a whole lot has changed.

My condo is 3 bedrooms, two baths and has a little balcony. I know some of you are curious. It was completely renovated, so it was move-in ready! So, I just have the fun of organizing, buying fun furniture and adorning the walls! I am sure I will need allll the help I can get. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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