Are you curious what "Jumping in Puddles" refers to?  Well, yes... it is indeed fun to jump in them, splash around and see how far you can make the water go. :)  But, I thought of an analogy, too.

Hold on, let me give you a little background.  Once upon a time, when I was living in Honduras on a ranch with almost 500 children, I lived in a house with about 9 (depending on the time) other volunteers... sometimes we like to play fun games in our spare time.  We need to have some sort of stress release, right?  So, Hunter taught us Telephone Pictionary (this site explains it; we played a slightly different version.  But, you'll get the idea.).  Best.Game.Ever.  It's best if you have a large group, and everyone is able to laugh about silly things. :)

Well, one time when we played, I started my packet of paper with "jumping in puddles" and ended (after many versions of drawing and then writing what was drawn) with something that I will not post on here, as it may be a little embarrassing to the person involved. ;)  Nonetheless, it was a  HILARIOUS game... and a great time to spend with the volunteers.  I kept my little packet of papers... not really sure why.  But, as I was going through my journal recently, and pondering what I wanted to blog about, I saw it... "jumping in puddles."

I giggled at the memory, and then thought to myself, "what a great name for a blog." :)

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I kind of thought about it like this:  my life, like a puddle, seems kind of put together and maybe kind of boring (I mean, a puddle doesn't really do anything... right?).  Until... you jump in it.  The water goes all over the place and can be unpredictable.  I feel like that's kind of how I want to look at life.  Doing things, taking risks, and just seeing where the water goes!  Now, this does not mean that I have lost my sense of who I am, and who I live for.  I am a woman of God, and still strive to live a life for Him.  To serve Him.  To love others.  But, while doing that... I can have fun, meet new people, go on adventures and see the world.  Example 1: Honduras. :)  So far, so good.

Well, there you have it.  So, I guess I really should see what kind of adventures I can get myself into, huh?!  So exciting!

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