Oh, another blog?

Well, hello there... why, yes.  I have decided to create another blog.  Welcome. :)

If you are here because you just loved my writing style, story-telling and humor (as I am just SO good at all of those!) from my last blog, or because you love me and want to support me, I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this one.  I can't promise anything.

I have been home from my great and wonderful adventure for a little over a week, and I have no real plans.  I am currently hanging out at my brother's in Lawrence, KS... yup, land of the Jayhawks:

Or as my niece calls them, "hucks"

... where Matt and Em have been AMAZING, just letting me relax, reflect, sleep and eat all of their food. ;)  And, of course play with my really sweet niece, Charlotte (aka Charlie).  I really have just appreciated all that they have done, I can't even put it into words.

Like I have mentioned, I have no plans.  I am ok with this.  My whole life has been a plan, and I am looking forward to just seeing what happens now.  God does have these great plans for me, that apparently did not include Honduras.  I just need to accept that (although really hard, as I still struggle with the guilt of leaving) and move on.

Therefore, this blog will probably become a journal of sorts... reflections, stories, funny moments, etc.  I am excited to start the devotional He Speaks to You by Sister Helena Burns, FSP.  It was mentioned on a blog that I enjoy reading, and thought I would give it a try.  I will let you know!

Entonces (Spanish for so, therefore, etc.. I miss Spanish)... here we go. :)

Amor y Abrazos!

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