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Ok, I didn't think I was out of touch that much, since I was only in Honduras for 8 months... but, it turns out that I was wrong.  Really wrong.  And, now I am trying to play catch up.


I have been talking to my BFF, Mart, who seems to always be up on everything.  She is the one who hooked me on Twitter and blogging.  So, it's no wonder she would be the one that updates me on the new things that I have missed:

Linkups AND Pinterest.

Well, it's appropriate that the person who got me into blogging (again.  I have an on-again, off-again relationship with blogs) would also be up on the changes in the blogging world.  It really has become this amazing new way of writing, giving ordinary people a chance to write about anything that interests them, that can even lead to getting paid.  As in it becomes your job.  Sweet, right?  I think so.  Not that I ever think something like that would happen to me, for many reasons.  But, it's pretty cool. :)

Ok, so now there are these things called 'linkups' where a blog hosts a certain activity, if you will, and many other bloggers can join in on that activity.  The only thing required: providing a link to your post on the host's site and then the link to the host's blog on your post.  Mart does "7 Quick Takes" from Conversion Diary, which is done weekly and you just bullet point 7 things from the last week.  It's kind of a cool idea.  Makes blogging (which in and of itself is a solo thing, you are just writing and writing, with the occasional comment thrown in) a little more interactive.  You can choose to linkup with anyone, and about anything that interests you.  It's a way to meet new people that share the same interests, beliefs, etc as you.  It also can help with that "oh no!  What am I going to blog about now?" feeling.  I may be into... not too sure yet.

I think I may have heard of Pinterest right when I was leaving for Honduras last December, but really had no time (or interest) to learn about it while I was there.  Well, it has BLOWN up since I have been gone.  I think my sis-in-law mentioned it to me within the first hour that I was home! ;)  (that may be an exaggeration)  She couldn't talk enough good things about it, and then all of a sudden I feel like it's all I was seeing on FB and Twitter.  She explained it to me and then Mart went into it, too.  So, the next step?  Obviously signing up.  Well, I have spent a good chunk of time playing around, and I still have no idea what I am doing.  I feel like it works really well for moms looking for craft ideas, brides-to-be, people who own a home, or people into DIY projects in general. I don't fall into any of those areas.  So, I guess we will see.

Just what I need... more reasons to spend my time online and on my computer.  :)

I know, I know... I don't have a job right now and all of that, so yea... I have the time to be online... but it's not like I SHOULD be all of the time.  Right?  I mean, besides my eyeballs burning out from looking at the screen, it really sets me up for being kind of more, oh what's the word?  Antisocial.
I cannot become this.

I know that we all have a little antisocial-ness in us... that's just what technology has done to our culture.  For me... I love people.  I thrive when I am around others.  But, for some reason all of these fun things online keep sucking me in.  DARN IT.  It's also hard at this moment, as I am in KS with no car, don't know this area, let alone many people here... so feeling connected is easier when you have the internet.  It'll be different when I get back to DC and am able to see all of my friends and family!  Woo! :)

Ok, enough of this...  I am going to go make some pumpkin bread (from a box, don't get all excited!) and get ready for Em to get home with Charlie-girl.  YAY for human interaction.

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