7 Quick Takes: Newbie Edition

1) My BBF, Martha, has been participating in 7QTs for quite a while, and was the one who explained all about it to me when I got home from Honduras.  I have been reading a few other blogs now that do 7QTs, and do find it to be a great way to blog, and be completely random (unless, of course your Takes are themed.)!

2) I realize that the Takes are usually done on Fridays, and I will probably post again on Friday, but it was just a few minutes ago when I realized I did indeed want to jump on the bandwagon!  (I know, I know, Mart...)

3) So, bear with me as I figure it all out.  I am excited!  And, am looking forward to meeting others that participate, as well.  (I just asked out loud to Martha and Tom, "how do you spell 'bear', as in 'bear with me'?"  Tom replies, "bear, as in black bear.  Because otherwise, you would be asking people to bare with you, as in, get naked!  I don't think you want to do that."  DUH!  This got a great chuckle from me.  Could you imagine someone asking you... 'bare with me'?!?!  No?  Not really that funny?  Had to be there.)

4) For those of you who may be visiting for the first time, and this is your first post inside my world, I am staying with Martha, her hubby, Tom, and their new baby girl, Susanah, in Naples, FL for a while as I try to figure out my next steps in life.  So, if you thought, even for a millisecond, that I had this weird relationship with my friend Martha and this dude Tom, you are mistaken.  No strange shenanigans over here, people.  Don't you worry!

Sweet 'Zuzu'... my precious goddaughter.

5) Tom works for their parish, as the music liturgy guy (I'm sorry.  His title is reallllllly long, and I make it sound like such a nothing job, but it's not.  He works incredibly hard to make all the music at every Mass beautiful and even writes/composes some pieces himself.  He is incredible, really.) and prepared the music all the way up to Advent in preparation for the baby's arrival.  Well, I decided to go to 5pm Mass this evening, which is the more contemporary/praise and worship type music.  It was AMAZING!!!!  He and God must have planned on me being at this particular Mass b/c every single song I love.  During communion the youth choir sang "This is Jesus" and it was just... just what I needed.  It's one of my absolute fave communion hymns... maybe ever.  I can't stop thinking about it.  God is so good.

6) Twitter and FB are blowing up about all things Hurricane Sandy.  I am from the DC area, so I have family and friends all around, and up the East Coast.  I am hoping that it's not that serious, but schools, governments and the like are already closed, and bottled water is out everywhere it seems.  So, I don't really know what to expect.  Please keep my family, friends and everyone that will be affected in your prayers!

7) I have only been to the beach ONE time since I have been here.  ONE TIME.  There is just something wrong with that.  I must, must, must take care of that this week.

Well, I hope I did ok for my first 7 Quick Takes!  Thank you to Jen over at Conversion Diary for hosting.  I kind of feel like I am meeting you or something! :)


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  2. These were so fun to read! Nice to "meet" you, and thanks for joining in! (And yes, you MUST get to the beach soon.)

    (Sorry, that first comment was from me -- logged in with an old account.) :)

  3. Bahahaha! Oh my gosh, I literally had the same problem with bare/bear as I was typing my last post. And instead of trying to figure out which one I wanted to use, I decided to go the safe route and change the verb completely. (though if we're being completely honest here, I typed both of them, looked them up, and still couldn't seem to decide which I wanted....oh gosh). #embarrassed.

    Can't wait to read your comments tomorrow! I was going to do it tonight, but my bed is calling and it doesn't like to be kept waiting. Thanks for stopping by :)


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