For the love!

Man, I really thought that when I met my infamous niece, Charlotte, I knew what is was like to fall instantly in love.  To have someone completely get inside my heart and steal it.  To love so deeply that you only want the good, non-scary, fun and amazing things in life for her.  I thought this was only going to be possible for babies that were related to me, and then eventually my own.

Then, I met ZuZu.

I don't know how it happens.  I don't know how I could love someone SO much and SO quickly again, when it's not even related to me.  In the least.  But, it did.

I have met other babies, too.  Some pretty amazing and beautiful babies, from some pretty amazing and beautiful families.  I love those babes, too.

But, the love that I have for Charlie, and now ZuZu, is just different.

For Charlie... we are family.  We have been blessed by an amazing God to be related through blood, to love one another as another member of our family.  As her Aunt I have the opportunity to love her, teach her, spoil her and show her the amazingness of our Lord.

With ZuZu... I will be her godmother.  Her godmother.  After Martha asked me by way of this:

And being a little confused, and asked for verification that she was indeed asking me to the godmother... I was...

Well, I almost starting crying.  I was in Honduras, sitting inside our little Internet "hut" by myself and probably feeling a little down about things, and she asked something that I really didn't think I was worthy of.

My friend and her hubby are some of the most devoutly Catholic people that I know, and they also know a TON of people.  I'm serious.  It's a lot.  I mean, Tom (her hubby) works at their parish.  And for them to chat and think about who they wanted to be their first babe's godmother, and I came to mind?  That is just incredible.  I was just overwhelmed... and still am sometimes, and completely honored.  Totally honored.

Fast forward a few months, knowing that I was going to be this little girls godmother, and meeting her, at less than 24 hours old... God had prepared my heart to love again.  I looked into her eyes, kissed her perfect nose and played with her amazing, little feet... ZuZu and I already had this connection through the Holy Spirit.  Her godfather and I, along with Mart and Tom, have the amazing opportunity, and obligation, to help ZuZu learn about how wonderful God is, to love, and to live a life of faith.

For ZuZu... we are family, too.  We have been blessed by an amazing God to be related through the Holy Spirit to love each other through faith.  As her godmother, I will love her, spoil her, and hopefully, be given the grace to teach her the awesomeness of our faith!

This face KILLS me... every time. :)

I love, love, love her feet.

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