There is something alive inside.

So, I went to the beach the other day (yes!  The beach. In OCTOBER.  So awesome.) and had a wonderful time.  Perfect blue sky.  Wonderful breeze.  What could be better?!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is people watch.  I just love watching them and figuring out their story. :)

The couple that was in front of me went swimming and then came back with some shells.  As they were looking at them and talking about them, the lady jumps up and exclaims, “there is something alive inside!  I don’t want to be a murderer!”  And then gently throws it back in the water to where it will be able to live it’s life.

This very quick moment got me thinking:  it’s amazing that this woman recognized that there was life inside the shell and worth something so much that it should live. 

What does that mean for babies?  What potential does a hermit crab have versus a HUMAN baby in it’s worth to live.  Why can’t a baby’s life just be worth it?  The crab will only live in the water and eat.  A baby will grow up, learn, love and hopefully be a productive member of society.

At the very beginning, when you find out you are pregnant- there is something alive inside.  Isn't she/he worth saving?  Would you be afraid of being a murderer, too?

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