7 Quick Takes (3)

Whoa, whoa, whoa... time for another Quick Takes??  How is that even possible?!  Well, let's get started, shall we?!

1) Can I just say:  I.love.Target.  Really.  I just love that place so much.  I can just see a sign or an ad for Target and my heart is just a little happier.  I don't necessarily have to buy anything when inside, either... walking around will suffice.  I have a great relationship with Target, and I only hope to continue it as time goes on.

My sweet niece, Charlie, and I have a great time at Target together. :)
Or, she really enjoys the big red balls in front.

I have been looking for brown, flat, riding-type (is that what you call them, Coll?  I am really not a fashionista or anything) boots for a while, but didn't want to spend a lot of money.  Yet again, Target came to the rescue!  Cute, non-cheap looking boots for a pretty good price, even better than ones at Payless (Payless isn't really where you pay less these days.  Now that they have made a better name for themselves in recent years).

Cute, right?
  Target.com is having buy one, get one 50% off, if you are interested! :)

2) It has been such a great witness to be around Martha and Tom for many reasons.  Their marriage, their love for each other, their amazing babe, their love for the faith, etc.  But, another thing that I am so amazed with all of the time: their community.  Yes, as Tom says, he and Mart are the closest thing to a pastor and pastor's wife you can get in a Catholic parish, so therefore, they are pretty well known. They are a young, fun, strong Catholic couple, and the parish has a TON of old(er) couples who love to dote.  And do things for them.  And love them.  It's such a great example of what communities should do for each other.  Support, encourage, love.

Also, Mart is part of the parish's women's group.  They have a meal chain that they can start when there is a new baby, someone is sick, etc.  So, three days a week, a different lady brings a home-cooked meal to the house.  It's not obligatory, the women who have time/are able to/close with the recipient sign up for the days to bring a meal, and then get a special moment to share with, in this case, Mart, Tom and the babe.  It's such a great thing to see!  All of the women have been so incredibly happy and excited to be able to provide in this way.  I mean, it does help to see the cute babe!  I have never belonged to a parish, as I have been moving all over and what not, so I don't have any real roots in one parish.  As a single, 20-something lady, it's a really awesome example of things to look forward to when I can have a parish I call 'home' one day. :)

3) So, as I explained recently... I am proud to be a nurse.  Because of that, and the fact that God still wants me to be one, I have been trying to figure out what type I would want to do.  I think I have realized that I love the hospital atmosphere, but am not really into going back to the bedside.  I only have the hospital I worked at as experience on different things to do within the hospital, as a nurse.  So, it's hard to try and find those types of things, when you are not already on the inside.

Please pray for me!  I need all the help I can get.  Also, if there are any nurses out there that have any suggestions, experience in this, or anything... let me know!! :)

4) Just so you know... we are almost done with season 3 of Lost.  It just keeps getting more and more interesting.

5) As we all know... the election is over, and the president... is still our president.  I prayyyyy so much  for our country and our leaders that their hearts turn toward the dignity of life, and see the importance of allowing people to freely live out and stand for their faith.  And, I also pray that people will continue to see that we are all deserving of love, and stop being so nasty.  Sheesh.

6) We had a bonfire the other day... it was so great!  :)  It was a chilly evening (yes, I know it's all relative) and it was great.  Reminded me of the bonfires we had in Honduras.  Oh, the memories!

7) Annnnnnnnd b/c I can't help myself, here are some cute pics to look at. :)

Sweet Zuzu!

For more entertaining and worthwhile Quick Takes, go visit Jen!  She's got it all! :)


  1. Target is fantastic! Sometimes when I don't have anything else to do and have a little time before I have to be somewhere, I'll just pop in and browse the whole store. I don't know how they do it, but they always keep me coming back for more! Now if only I had an unlimited budget so I could buy all the cute things I see...hahaha.

    On a side note, prayers coming your way!


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