NFP and The Single Lady- Part 2

You must be curious as to what NFP method I chose, huh?

First, let me just same a few things:

For those of you who are still wondering if you should do NFP (I’m directing this towards the single women…. as this is the only experience that I hold right now, which means, I am not interested in avoiding/having a baby.  But if you are married and/or engaged, I do still believe NFP is the only way to go), I really hope that you choose to do it for yourself and no one else.  Our bodies do some pretty AMAZING things - no one can understand it better than us, and no one can take it away from us.  NFP really allows us, as women, to know our bodies better than anyone.  As a single woman, why not start now?  Take charge of your body.  Own it.  Love it.  Be PROUD of it.   See what a wonderful creation God made.  I think you will be amazed!

I haven’t found a whole lot about NFP and single women, so you may think that I am crazy if you haven’t had much luck either.  But, it does happen:

~   Cute video by Elizabeth ~
~   This article ~
~   This article ~

So, I hope by writing this in my blog, as public, someone will run into this, as well, and be encouraged. :)

Alright, so you are doing it.  You are going to begin charting and learn more about your body.  But, what method should you choose? 

Well, no one can make that decision for you.  You need to do a little research and figure out which one is right for you.  No one woman has to use the same, nor will every one woman have the same experience.   I am no expert, and I am not trying to be (hello, I have just started my journey and am still looking for a teacher), that is why it’s every woman’s responsibility to research and learn and figure out what’s best for her. has great, concise descriptions on the different methods.

I have found that Katie, over at NFP and Me, has some really great resources, and enjoys answering all sorts of NFP questions.  I believe that Katie has also started as a way to get the word out to ALL women, not just those who are Catholic.  I hope that these websites can get you started on your own journey!

Ok, ok.  I will tell you now!  I have chosen…

I don’t know why exactly I have decided on this, but I really find it so interesting.  My friend, Martha, and her hubby use Creighton, so that is the one I am most familiar with now.  I have been reading through her materials; maybe b/c I am a nurse and the fact that most medical things fascinate me… I find myself almost giddy going through it.  I love the science behind it.  I love the intricate details.  And, I want to see if my body actually does all the things that the book says it should do! Ha.  Plus, from what I remember of my periods before BC, they were irregular.  The Creighton method seems to be really helpful in diagnosing hormonal imbalances (which maybe can help with my acne issue) to diseases (PCOS, endometriosis, etc).  All things that are good to find out now, so I can be that much more prepared when my future husband and I are ready to welcome new life.

So, there you have it!  I will keep you updated on how things are going.  Many blessings and prayers on your journey, too!


  1. Hi, there! Thanks for your comment form the WIWS link-up!

    I totally love the suggestion to single women to use NFP to their advantage. It's so great to be able to go to the doctor and tell them exactly what's been going on and when, when they ask. When my hubby and I were still just engaged, I had to decide which form would be the best option for me. Billings it was. My cycles were regular, but my sleep schedule was not (yeah, right- basal body temp!). No frills, no fuss.

    It's so great that under the great umbrella of NFP, we can still find enough diversity to fill different needs/preferences.

  2. Hi Jen :) I have PCOS and use Creighton NFP for medical reasons as well. I hope all goes well for you! It's a challenging but meaningful journey!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this series! I have been looking for information about NFP for single women for a long time. My diocese once offered a workshop on charting specifically for single women, but I couldn't attend. I still regret that, so I've been doing what I can to make up for it!

    1. Thanks! I haven't written much about it lately...I'm kinda slacking in the charting department! But, I am glad I have been able to inspire you a bit more! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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