Oh, it's election day.

Why, yes... I did vote.  Did you?  There was a moment when I was pretty frustrated with the early voting/absentee ballot process and wanted to give up.  But, I didn't.  We all have the duty to vote, and we should.  I thank God for that!  I hope you all took some time and were able to get to the polls.  I also hope that the lines weren't too horrible.

Thanks Aunt Marie for sending this to me.  Pretty cool. :)

Obligatory sticker picture.  
I am glad I was able to grab a bunch when I did vote so that I could blend in today!

I pray the right person becomes president.  I pray for our country.  I pray that everyone can be loving to one another, no matter what your position.  After all, we are all created by a loving God in His likeness and image.  Because of that, we are all deserving of love.

Aaaaaand, this really has nothing to with voting or elections... or anything.
But, the weather was weird today.
The Others are coming.
(Remember that time I said Martha, Tom and I are kindaaaa obsessed enjoying Lost practically everyday?!  Um... yea.)

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