What I Wore... Thanksgiving!

Tricked ya... almost?!  It's a What I Wore Thanksgiving kind of day thanks to Grace over at Camp Patton!  I am finding that I am really enjoying link-ups... and surprisingly these style/clothes related ones.  I have never found myself to be fashionable (that's my mom!), but I suppose that's what is fun about these things.

I hope you all have had such a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends!  There is so much to be thankful for, and I hope you have been able to stop for a few and take it all in. :)

Ok, without further ado.. here is what I wore today:

Please ignore my sleepy/full/want to fall into bed look.... this was post meal.

This was another take... I think I look weird.  But, oh well.
I am also now in Minnesota with my mom, therefore warm clothes are needed!

Okaaaaaaaay.... DEETS:
Orange wool coat: Christmas gift from my momma, JC Penny's, years ago
Scarf: American Eagle (actually, same purchase as the scarf from Sunday)
Blue (looks black) long-sleeve shirt: American Eagle, years ago
Orange tank: Target, Mossimo
Jeggings: Target, Mossimo
Boots: Uggs
Earrings: Charming Charlie's

Ok, also pictured are the things that I where every.single.day.  I don't know why I haven't mentioned them before.  But hey, I am now, so that counts for something, yes?

Gold- Covenant (or purity or True Love Waits... or whatever you choose to call it) ring from my Aunt and Uncle 11 years ago in December (it's engraved with my initials and the date)! Worn on left ring finger.
Sliver Heart- given to me by my dad yearssss ago. Tiffany's. Worn on right ring finger.
Silver Crucifix- given to me by a friend as a graduation gift from college. Worn on left thumb.

Bracelet: I got this in Copan Ruinas, Honduras.  It was the first thing I bought for myself when I got there and haven't taken it off since.  It's a constant reminder of my time and of what God can ask of me.

Welp, that's what I got here.  Go check out some more stylish ladies at Camp Patton!


  1. Oooooh, lovin' the orange coat! So cute.

  2. love that your mom is a fashionista!!! and you are totally following in her footsteps .... I am a secret Uggs LOVER (only own the fake fuggs) so you are making me want to put a pair on my wish PLEASE for Christmas list!

    so happy you linked up!!! stay warm!

    1. hahaha... I love my Uggs. I have a few friends that don't like... maybe even loathe them. But, heck, they are warm! And, comfy! And, sometimes cute. I think anyway. :)

      I try to get my mom to blog, but she doesn't get it. She still gets frustrated with email, and Facebook and searching for things on Google. One thing at a time. :) haha.

      Thanks for hosting!

  3. The orange wool coat is to die for!

    You may already know about this, but Fine Linen and Purple does a fashion link up each Sunday for what you wore to mass!

    1. Yes, I do! :) I have been participating in the What I Wore Sunday for the past couple weeks! :) Thanks!

  4. the coat rocks and I love all the rings and their stories!!

  5. Your colors are wonderfullll...love me some Uggs. Comfy!

    Found you on Patton.



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