Resumes, Cover Letters & Applications... Oh my!

I feel as though there is one perfectly good explanation for why a person would stay in only one job during their work-life:

never having to think about resumes, cover letters, job applications... and then... 

Since I have been back in Naples... my days have been consumed with tweeking my resume, writing cover letters, filling out applications, searching for jobs, sending out said resume/cover letters and on and on.  (I mean, of course there has been time for Zuzu and thrifting and getting my car fixed.... which CAN I JUST SAY WAS A MIRACLE!!!!  I will save that story for the end!)  

As much as I am excited to move down here and get my new life started, this whole finding-a-job-thing is a bit daunting.  After college, I was very fortunate to only have two interviews, and the hospital where I wanted to work was the hospital I did my practicum, and really made the interview/hiring process so much easier.

Here, I don't know anyone.  My interview skills are probably lacking... and it's hard for me to be confident and basically sell myself.  There is also the fear of rejection.  I am doing all of this for you such-and-such hospital/doctor's office/clinic and preparing for a future job at your place and then you don't want me.  I am not good enough for you.  Ugh.  It's scary!

BUT... I can't think like that.  Right?  It's crazy talk.  I am so blessed to have people in my life who are helpful in this area and are super encouraging. :)  So... bring it applications and interviews.  I got you.  

As always... prayers for this! :)

Also, is it just me or is it a little out-dated to have someone say "fax me your resume???"  Wouldn't emailing and printing it be just as easy easier?  Any feelings on this?  Maybe it's just my generation...


Ready for that miracle I mentioned above?!

The dreaded check engine light was on in my car and of course, I wanted to ignore it.  But, it's orange and obvious and annoying.  And, I am really not one to mess around with my car.  I want my car to be safe for me and anyone else that is driving/riding in it.  PPPPLUS... I needed an oil change like whoa.  (remember... I did drive all the way from DC to SW Florida!)

So, fast forward to this morning (after finding a dealership), I take my car in to get the oil change and get that annoying orange light to go off.  I told the guy that I was going to be M-A-D MAD if the light was on only because the gas cap was being funky or something (yes, I did play with it before) and I had to pay the $105 JUST for that (btw... it's hooking up a scanner to the COMPUTER of the car.  Why does that have to be so flipping expensive?!).  Oh... no one wants to see what happens when I get that mad.  The guy told me he would "take care of it" if it was just the gas cap.  Well, thank you.

I am waiting in the 'customer lounge' when the service guy comes in to update me... "there is a significant leak in your exhaust pipe blah, blah, blah" as I am staring at the figures on the page in front of him that almost make ONE THOUSAND.

He's all... do you want us to do it.  It really is for the better.  And I'm all... uhhhh, I mean, um, yea?  I guess.  It needs to be done.  He gets up and then says "oh, and your air filter should be replaced as well" -as he proceeds to show me a disgusting black thing that is apparently supposed to be yellow- "it's only $30 and we can just get it done."  Well, sure... what's another 30 bucks when I am about to shell out a thousand.  

Then, I am just sitting there texting my mom and Martha and sending out annoying 'whoa is me' tweets.  Thinking, how I am not going to go out to eat anymore, shop or anything else for that matter until I get a job.  The dude comes back and says "it's going to be a few hours, would you like us to call the shuttle for you go to the mall to walk around or anything?"  Two thoughts popped into my head 1) they have a shuttle to bring you places?!  I am definitely in an area that caters to the more wealthy.  That's cool.  And 2) The mall??  Really... YOU JUST TOLD ME I HAVE TO GIVE YOU ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR MY CAR... why would I want to go to the mall and stare at things that I should not be buying now?

Of course I said... "I have to think about that... I'm still processing the money situation."  He leaves... and then COMES BACK 10 minutes later.  "I have another question."  Ahhhh!  No.  I don't want to know or answer your questions.  I just want you to fix my car so I can get this whole thing done.  He continues, "are you the original owner of the car?"  I say, "well, my parents bought it originally and I took over the title.  But, it was bought new."  The wonderful, wonderful man tells me. "I have good news!  Your car is still under warranty and everything will be covered."

I cannot describe to you what I was feeling at that moment.  I was thrilled and shocked and happy and excited... and wanted to collapse in that man's arms from pure, pure joy.  THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS!!!  It seriously was a Christmas miracle.

I just wanted to hug every single person today.  Instead I called multiple people, tweeted about it and then loved on Zuzu.  Although, that is not really any different from a normal day.

God is so, so, SO good, people.  And you are, too, for making it this far!  I didn't realize I was going to give a play-by-play until I started writing. :)

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