What I Wore... to my Interview!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SAID A PRAYER FOR MY INTERVIEW!!!!  It went really well!!  I will have another one in January, when I return down here after Christmas, with the director of pediatrics.  I was calling on Mary with a TON of Hail Marys on my drive to the employment center.  I was so nervous.  But, it really did go so well.  I have officially stepped back into the game.

It's amazing how good our Lord really is (obviously).  I was having a moment of being overwhelmed and worried about not finding a job, and questioning my choice about moving last week... I do this as a way to process?  Maybe.  I don't know, but I have always done it with any big thing happening in my life.  Things that I don't really have much control over.  I shot a little upward glance and gave a quick prayer to God to help me out.

Then the HR people called the next day and we set up the interview for today!  This morning, I get a call from a physician's office about setting up a time to meet!  The Lord is just so amazing.  He answered such a quick little prayer in some pretty big ways. :)  Man, just think if I prayed more deeply on a regular basis what kinds of gifts he would bless me with. ;) (and, I do not mean to sound as if I am deserving of such things, but I think you understand)

I just read this post by Laura over at Life is Beautiful, and it really inspired me.  I have been really trying to figure out ways to use my nursing skills, along with my heart for service, to build up the Kingdom better.  I believe it's partly why I went to Honduras.  It's why hospital nursing isn't what I want to jump back into.  But, the thing is... those two characteristics don't always go hand-in-hand.  I have to continue to pray, serve the best way I know how, volunteer, etc and maybe one day that opportunity will be waiting for me.  I hope that I can be better at changing my perspective and realize that my heart of service can be used all.of.the.time.  I don't know why, but it's hard for me.  I do believe and trust that the Lord has things all figured out... and I must wait and see.

And on to what I wore.  I love love love this outfit!!  :)  Why???  Well, it looks great on me (if I do say so myself) and it was THRIFTED!!!  I am really enjoying this thrifting business... and I can't wait until I do have a job so I can have more fun with it. :)

Mart and Tom went to work out right when I got home, so I was on baby duty, which I don't mind AT ALL!  But, it does make it a bit challenging to take a pic of yourself.

Blouse: Banana Republic via Goodwill, 6 bucks
Skirt: The Limited via Goodwill, 6 bucks
Earrings and Shoes: same as yesterday for WIWS

Thank you again for the wonderful prayers.  They really did help. :)
I hope you all had a great Monday!


  1. It warms my little heart hearing about all the good news floating around our blogging circle :) So glad the interview went well! I know all about that overwhelmed and worried feeling...that's definitely how the devil likes to work in me. He slips those doubts and worries in there and for some reason that's what I latch onto instead of trusting that God will get me through anything if I only let Him. But isn't it great how quickly the Lord answers us when we turn back to Him?? I'm constantly amazed by His love and desire for us even when we do something so seemingly small like utter a quick prayer. Love.it. I'll keep praying that we both continue to grow in trust :) Can't wait to hear about the next interview!

  2. Love the outfit! Looks very professional! And glad your interview went well. That doesn't surprise me, and even if I weren't your mom, I would still say...any hospital lucky enough to convince you to work there is getting the best nurse ever! XOX


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