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Faith and Wine was last night and Pam was the speaker.  Her usual audience is teens and young adults, so she tweaked her talk a bit more to address the "older" population that is Faith and Wine so we are better equipped to talk to the young people in our lives.

Yup. Isn't she great?!
She travels around the whole world talking about Chastity and Abstinence.

I was tweeting away some of the things that she said.  If you don't follow me, then you missed out.
Just kidding.  Here are a few of the things that stuck with me:

~ Addressed to the ladies: If you want a man of God, you have to BE a woman of God.  Not act like one, but BE one.
~ There is no love without respect.
~ If your faith in, and relationship with, God is right and good, then you will have the armor to speak, act and live the Truth.

And some stats:
~ 67% of teens who have sex, already have one of the HPV strains.
~ The average amount of sexual partners for people under the age of 30 is 27. TWENTY-SEVEN!
~ Of the 30 major STDs, 26 of them primarily affect women.  The other 4, both.
~ Most young girls who have sex are only worried about getting pregnant.  They don't worry about the over 30 STDs they could contract. Some for life.

It was so great to hear all of these things.  To know that teens all over the world are actually hearing the truth.  It's so frustrating that we can't talk about these things openly to kids in school and that a lot of parents just choose not to discuss it.  It's so sad.  And we wonder why kids aren't well informed?  These things NEED to be addressed.  Kids and teens THIRST for this information.  They want to know the truth.  Abstinence does work.  We have to hold the young people to these expectations.  We have to be there for them when they have questions, are confused or worried.  We have to support and praise the ones who are abstaining.  The more we can do this, the more cool, and awesome and powerful people will believe it to be.

One last story Pam mentioned:
She is good friends with a priest up in NYC.  For every single couple he counsels for marriage, he asks them if they are having sex and/or if they are living together.
Yes to either one?
He tells them, "I want you to look at each other and realize that your future spouse has already proven to you that they are comfortable having a relationship with a person outside of marriage."

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