It's official!!! I'm a GODMOTHER!!

It's true, I've got the certificate and everything. :)

It was a joyous day!  I'm sorry if you've heard about the beautiful day already from Mart, but I am the godmother, so I'm allowed to gush, as well.

We were all running around helping Mart get the babe ready, the house ready and ourselves ready just in time to leave to have a private Mass with Fr. Joe, Tom's BFF and Zuzu's godfather.  I can't even tell you how awesome it was to have a private Mass on the feast of The Most Holy Name of Jesus to prepare for the baptism of such a beautiful baby.

I have mentioned how honored I feel to be Zuzu's godmother and I was so excited to have her baptism ceremony and make it all official.  I was, for a split second, a tad disappointed when I found out that I wouldn't actually be able to hold her when the holy water was poured on her head.  I mean, what do we do then?  The godparents just stand up there and look pretty?  Aren't we supposed to be honored for having the honor of being the godparents?

Do you see where this is going?  I was completely turning the focus of the day on me and not Zuzu and her baptism.  Not my proudest moment.  I researched more about the mom always holding the baby during the baptism (however, in Latino cultures it's more commonly the godparents) and the significance of it (albeit mostly forums where this topic was covered, not actual church documents.  I am sure they exist, I couldn't find them).  It makes sense.  Plus, I realized I was being incredibly selfish and taking away the importance of my role as godmother.

Her parents are her first witnesses to the faith.  Zuzu really couldn't have better witnesses than those two.  As Father said it during the ceremony, they were engaged in front of the Blessed Sacrament... Christ IS the center of their lives.  Because of this, He will be the center of Zuzu's, as well.  Awesome, right?  Father Joe and I, along with her parents, are to help bring her up in the faith.  We have been "entrusted with the responsibility to participate in this child's Christian life and education."  Not alone. Not just Father Joe and I.  But, together.  With her parents.  To support her parents.  To love, encourage and answer questions that Zuzu may have.  As a team.  As a community.  As a Christian family.  It's beautiful, really.  And, I am so blessed.

We started the ceremony at the entrance, to signify being welcomed into the Church. :)
Best moment: As Father was saying, "Susannah, the Christian community welcomes you with great joy."  The sweet babe's face glowed, as a wide grin spread across her face.  It was pure, pure joy.  There was no denying the Holy Spirit's presence. :)  The parents and godparents were then able to bless her by making a cross on her forehead.

We processed down the aisle, heard the Gospel and listened to Father's sweet homily.  Zuzu was getting a bit sleepy, but was trying so hard to keep her pretty blue eyes focused on Father.  As she listened to his soothing voice, her eyes got heavier and heavier.  Next best moment:  Father stopping during his homily to ask Zuzu, "Are you falling asleep during my homily? You can't do that, you're not even Catholic yet!" Hilarious! :)

Just a few minutes later, the girl was passed out.  Now... the big moment has come! :)  Is Zuzu going to wake up?  Will she cry?  Fuss?  Something?  I am TELLING you.  This girl loves her some water.  She has always loved baths.  And, she did nothing when that Holy Water was poured on her.  Not a peep.  Not even a flinch.  She is amazing. :)

Grandparents, Parents and the Zuz
Godparents and the Zuz
Mart and Tom are so great about including their church community in their lives.  Just as their wedding ceremony was, the baptism ceremony was open to all who wished to witness the beautiful sacrament.  There was a light reception after, and then Mart had some close friends over for dinner, cookies, a bonfire and overall fun to dote on the babe. :)

It was such a wonderful, wonderful day.  I am so happy and honored to be able to be part of Zuzu's life in this way, and that Mart and Tom entrust me with the responsibility. :)

Please welcome Susannah Marshall into our wonderful Catholic world! :)

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