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~ 1 ~
Wow... it's Friday.  Another week has gone by.
I leave tomorrow to fly back down to FL.  No imminent return date.
This is it, people.
I will be really starting my new life in SW Florida.
Prayers, please!

~ 2 ~
If you don't normally follow this here blog, then you have missed all the action about my pilgrimage to Italy.  So you don't feel left out, please check them out:

~ 3 ~
Um, I start my new job in a little over a week.
While this is really exciting and I am ready to act like a real adult again,
I am nervous.  New hospital.  New people.  New technology.
I made my appointment for all the new-hire paperwork for Monday.
It's really happening.
God is so good.

~ 4 ~
Because I have been home, I have been able to see friends that I hadn't seen in a while.
I started my week off by seeing an amazing family that I met while their daughter was in the hospital.
They are a beautiful, devout, Catholic family.  So inspiring.
I was also able to meet up with a good friend I worked with for coffee.  It's like no time had passed at all.  I just love that.
I also had dinner with two ladies that were my old bosses who are now good friends.
I hope having a week filled with people from my old job is only a sign of what's to come with my new one.

~ 5 ~
God and I have had some really great prayer time.
I was expressing to a friend the other day how I have had such a sense of clarity about my vocation, and I cannot wait to get married and have some babes (God-willing, of course) one day!!
My heart wants to burst because it's filled with so much joy. :) :)

~ 6 ~
Because of number 5, it's hard to not think about my future hubby: when we will meet. Where.  How. WHEN? ;)  Even though I would really like this to happen sooner, rather than later, I am not really stressed about it.  I trust God.  It will happen.  Until then I am continuing to pray for him daily.
But, you know what's funny?  Whenever I express this to someone, their first response is usually something like, "you are so young! You have all the time in the world! Live your life! blah blah!"
While I know they mean well, how does that help me?
My vocation is marriage.  I am allowed to desire it.  I am allowed to want it.
I am living my life. I love my life.  
But, God is calling me to be married, and I want to fulfill His desires for me.  
To do this fully, I need a hubby.
For all of you non-Catholic/Christian people, this does not mean that I need a husband to make me happy. Nope.  I already am.  Because of our Lord, I am happy.
He is the One that brings true happiness. :)
We are all called by our Lord to be something.
Once we figure it out, that's how we are supposed to be living our lives. Fully.

~ 7 ~
And, now that #6 is no longer quick (b/c I was ACTUALLY being quick for once!), I will leave you with something to add to your prayers: Culture of Life Africa.  The pro-life movement over there is really beginning to take hold.  They need our prayers!  Visit Leila, she has some more info, too.

Thanks for stopping by!
As, always... please visit Jen and the gang for more fun! :)


  1. So many exciting changes for you right now! Am so glad to hear the Lord has been sending much joy and peace into your life! *hugs*


  2. I so enjoy visiting your blog! It helps me reflect on my life and my Christian walk, speaking of which I better get out of here before I'm late for church. Congratulations on your new job and house and everything else going on in your life. God is good ALL the time. Be well. Peace and blessings to you. :)

  3. Ahhh, Italia! Your pilgrimage covers all our honeymoon spots! Beautiful thoughts on your vocation too. It isn't about not being happy, because clearly you are trying to live out God's call daily, but when you know what He wants for you for the rest of your life, you want the rest of your life to start now! Maybe one day I will share my story of surrender to God that finally led to me meeting my husband on the blog...

    1. It was an amazing pilgrimage. :) I would love to go back for my honeymoon!! And, that's exactly it! You hit the nail on the head, I think. :) I would LOVE to hear how you met. :)


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