Another look at Valentine's Day

Ok, so usually I don't pay much attention to Valentine's day... really, it's just a subtle reminder... another year single!  Asi es (that's life, in Spanish... at least in Honduras)!  I am really ok with that.  But it's also a GREAT reminder of how much love I have in my life daily:

Love from my Father
Love from my parents
Love from my family
Love from my friends

It's ridiculous and amazing.  I really can't complain.  Ever.  If you look at your life, too, I am sure that you have an abundance, as well!  God does not leave us alone.

This Valentine's Day, though, I'm thinking about love a little differently.  As we approach Lent, my focus isn't quite what it should be.  You know, because of the news: Papa Benny resigning.

I have to be honest... when Mart text (texted?) me early Monday morning and then I saw everything The Twitters had to say... I was shocked.  And mad.  Really?  Pope Benedict is just leaving us.  Of all times, right before Lent.  And Easter.  The biggest holiday in our history!  Ugh.

And then... I calmed the heck down.  Now, reflecting back (and reading this post from Mandi), I realize I was being selfish.  So, I got off of my high horse and just started reading everything that I could find.  It was like a really bad car accident that you can't help but stare at... I was just stuck at my computer and watching the news to get all that I could on this really crazy and historic moment.

Ok, yes... Papa is resigning.  And it's... shocking, sad, worrisome, etc.  But, it's also such a courageous thing he is doing.  He is brave.  He is doing what he feels is right.  He doesn't feel like he can be the Pope he needs to be, to lead his flock how he feels it should be done, and he is admirably stepping down and making room for someone else to take over his beloved Church.

That is BIG.

It's so hard for many because we all watched JPII pass away.  He was Pope up until his last breath.  It's how JPII felt he had to live out his papacy.  And, now, to have Pope Benedict resign, when we would assume he still has a few years left in him... is hard.  I read somewhere, or watched something, that said JPII and Benedict have different spiritualities and personalities.  So, of course they would see their job's end differently.  There shouldn't be a comparison.  They are different people.  Different leaders.  Different popes.  That's that.

So, instead of being bummed (albeit I'm still shocked!), I am excited.  I am excited to see who our new leader will be.  I think it's awesome that we can be part of this history.  Yes, it's still worrisome with the unknown.  Will our next leader be just that, a leader?  Will he be incredibly faithful to the teachings of the Church?  Will he be able to relate to everyone... young and old?  We could go round and round asking all of these questions.  But, these are questions that always arise before a new Pope is elected.  Fear of the unknown.

But, God is good.  He knows what he is doing.  And, we have to believe in Him and the Holy Spirit to guide the Cardinals in the Conclave.  We have to trust and believe Him.  He hasn't failed us yet, and I am pretty darn sure he won't now.

So, this V-day... let's pour our love and prayers on Papa Benny.  He needs them.  He deserves them.  He loves us... and we need to show our love to Him.  No more being scared and worried and mad.  It doesn't help anything!

St. Valentine, pray for us.
Blessed JPII, pray for us.
Mother Mary, pray for us.

We love you, Papa!! :)

And, PS... for all those who are not Catholic and are speculating on what the Pope resigning "actually" means... please stop.  And, shut up.  Ugh.  Please learn what our Church is about before you tell the world what's happening in it.  Your ignorance is what it really shows.  Ok?  Thanks.

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