Italia Parte 5: Roma, Day 4- Our Last Day

This is our last and final day in Rome.
It was a doozy.
We started the morning off with Mass, and then headed straight to the auditorium for our audience with Papa Benny!!!

This was the stage where His Holiness would be speaking to us.
I have NO idea what that thing is on the stage.
It's a little creepy if you ask me.
YAY! :)
We were ready.
Well, the babe was getting some last minute Zzzs. :)
I cannot express to you how absolutely amazing it is that I was able to be in the presence of Pope Benedict XVI just before his big news.
It's such an honor and big deal in general, but to know that I was at one of his last audiences is even more incredible.  It will be something that I am going to try hard to never forget.

There he is!!!
Lookin' all snazzy in his white.

We were not that close.  I was just able to zoom and them cropped them a bit.
I am so happy I have these.

The place was packed.  People made signs.  Chanted.  Sang.
The Pope said some prayers and read his reflection in multiple languages: Latin, Italian, English, Spanish, French, Polish, German, Portugese and even Arabic.
So amazing.
After he said the reflection (here in English), 
the people/groups that spoke that language would then scream, sing or do a chant.
And Papa would wait.
Oh... my heart.
My heart wanted to BURST every time he waited until the group would finish.
To smile and clap:

Or to give an extra little blessing:

He was so tender.  And gentile.
I almost started crying a few times.
And now... how incredibly sweet it is.  
He must have been thinking about not having many of these audiences left.  
He was so patient and seemed genuinely happy to be in our presence.
His flock.
I am almost to tears again, as I write this.
I am humbled that our Papa was touched by our presence, as much as we were touched by his.
He truly loves us.
All of us.  
No matter where we are from.  What language we speak. What sins we have committed. How old or how young we are.
He loves us.
Just as Jesus commanded.
And, I am so thankful for him and our amazing Church.

We tried our darndest to get the babe blessed.
But, His Holiness just didn't see her.
Because if he had... he couldn't have resisted!
Even with one sock missing!
And, as quick as he came... he was gone.

After we had some lunch and relaxed a bit, we had our Ancient Rome tour with Liz.

It was a GORGEOUS day!
First up, the Colosseum: 

Panoramic from my iPhone!

And then the Forum:

And, then, we had our amazing last group dinner. :)
Reflected. Laughed. Cried.
And were so incredibly joyous.

Mart, Tom, Jennine and I went back for a walk to say goodbye to St. Peter's.
And to see it's beauty at night.

And, it really, really is.

This was such an amazing experience.
I am so thankful and honored that I was able to see all of these places.
I hope you all have enjoyed this little tour.  Thank you for your patience!
If you have any questions, please let me know. :)

I do want to let you know, if you happen to read this blog:
I prayed for you.  A lot.
Please know... your intentions were taken to St. Peter's.
Our home.


  1. Sooooo awesome! Wow!!!! Your pictures are amazing, and I am so jealous that you got to see the Pope!

    1. Thanks, Caitlin!! :) It was truly amazing to be in the Pope's presence.

  2. Great pictures of the Holy Father! Wow! What beautiful memories to treasure. God bless you!


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