So many thoughts in my head.

I want to share them with you... 



Oh my goodness.
Can you believe the Pope?
So many prayers for you Papa Benny.

I have pics, thoughts, stories, prayers.

Well, it's a bit overwhelming.
Looking for an actual place to move.
New job starting soon.

It's weird to think that I won't be near my family anymore.
Well, at least the ones that I have been near for the longest time.
Even though they drive me crazy sometimes... I will miss having them so close.

So many thoughts.
I can't keep them straight.
I feel like I am floating in a dense fog.

I am sick.
I hate being sick.
I am cold. I have no more energy...
for anything.  Well, to read.

I gotta kick this cold.
So much to do,
So little time.

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