7 Quick Takes (16)

You know what time it is?
Yea! Quick Take Time!
That's right!


~ 1 ~
First week of my new job: done and done.
It was just orientation.  It was... interesting.  When you've only had one job (this does not count my time in HN) that was amazing and wonderful, you tend to then have that as your model when getting other jobs.  This is what I found out this week.  I was constantly surprised by my reactions (in my head) about how things were done, the standards of practice, etc.  Things that would not have happened at my old institution.  The realization that I don't know as much as I thought and that I am so NOT working for an organization dedicated to children.
I think the transition will be a bit more of a challenge than I thought.

~ 2 ~
Even with all of that, I am looking forward to getting started.
Everyone is extremely friendly.  All of the people that we met throughout the week expressed how much they love working for the hospital.  They really mean it.
I met a few of the nurses on the peds unit, and they were really welcoming. Phew!
The time clock and electronic documentation systems are the same as my old job (which is FAB!)
I can't wait to jump in with all the Magnet stuff that will be starting!

~ 3 ~
My amazing friend, Colly, sent me these beautiful tulips:

Isn't she so sweet?!
She sent them thinking I had already started my night shifts.  They were delivered in the morning (around the time that I will be getting home from the shift).  So thoughtful!
I have some of the best friends.  Ever.

~ 4 ~
Colly has now entered the blogging world, too!
Please welcome her and visit Modern Catholic Momma, where she talks about her life as a Catholic wife, Momma of 3 girls, fashion (maybe?!) and some penguins for good measure.
She loves her some penguins. :)

~ 5 ~
I mentioned it last week (#4), and it happened this evening!
EEEEE!  I am so excited.  
I will move in this weekend with the little stuff I have here at Mart's, and the rest of my stuff should be here in a few weeks!

~ 6 ~
I can't wait to see my mom again.
I just want to give her a hug and have some cuddle time.
Hopefully she will visit soon!

~ 7 ~
Annnnnnd because I deprived you all from a pic of the babe last week, here is one this week:
Mart whipped me up something delish after my first day of work! :)
Also, the babe CUT HER FIRST TOOTH!
She is growing up too fast.

That's about all I have right now.
Head on over to Jen's, as always!
Abrazos y amor!


    And you.
    And Zuzu.

  2. Jen! I am switching jobs right now too so I kinda know how you feel! I'm excited but nervous. So are you doing pediatric cardiology? Can't wait to hear more!

    1. Hey hey! I saw your posts on your new job. Congrats! I understand leaving such a great job (especially if it's your first). I had more of the same emotions when I left before going to Honduras. I am now in FL, and just got a new job. So, it's another transition, but to an actual hospital this time! :) I will be working on a peds unit for primary adult acute care health system. So, it's definitely interesting. My background is in peds neuro... and as part of my new job's orientation, we have to take a test on EKG strips. I hadn't done them since school! Ugh. Anyway... I hope your transition continues to go well! :)


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