7 Quick Takes (17): Heavy Heart + Randomness

(First time I have written and scheduled a post! Preparing for 3 nights in a row!)

~ 1 ~
My heart is heavy this morning, and has been since I found out about my new friend/coworker.
She lost her husband in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan last week.
"...Army Staff Sgt. Marc Scialdo, who was one of five Americans killed in a helicopter crash on the deadliest day so far this year in Afghanistan. The 31-year-old Naples native was a Black Hawk crew chief with the 603rd Aviation Support Battalion and serving his second tour of duty. He was a 1999 graduate of St. John Neumann Catholic High School in Naples, and a 2002 graduate of Edison State College."  Naples Daily News
Newly married.  Her first deployment. 
She JUST started working (same week as me), and the military officials came to the floor. Can you imagine? You just know what that means. There is no other reason for it.
It's sad. And, horrible. And... I just don't have the words.
My friend just moved here while her hubby was deployed- to be closer to her family.
Thank God they are close.
The funeral is this morning, and if I was anything like yesterday when I watched the procession down Rt. 41... I am going to be a.big.mess.

Please pray for my friend, all of the family and all those who serve our country around the world.
May God bless and protect them.

Annnd... I don't have a good transition from that to other randomness.... so, there is it.

~ 2 ~
Night shifts are rough.
Seriously... all those that do them b/c they enjoy them... more power to you!

~ 3 ~
I love housewarming gifts!
I never think that I should get them because I only ever rent.  In my head, when you BUY a house, is when you get a housewarming gift. 
BUT... I have awesome friends who don't think like that! :)
Lucky me.
Isn't is beautiful?!
Thank you, Jennine!
Spanish pottery??? Yes, please!
Morgs sent this in the mail from SPAIN... and it got here in one piece!
I just LOVE IT!
~ 4 ~
Cute baby pic! :)
Just because. 

~ 5 ~
I am officially a registered parishioner!!!
I have never been one at any parish, in all the places I have lived.
I feel like a real adult.
Nice little welcome packet.

~ 6 ~
I also am an official resident of Florida!!
I got my driver's license and license plate.

~ 7 ~
Do you ever feel unsettled and restless?
How do you deal with it? Any good spiritual readings that have worked for you?
Let me know!

Please go visit Jen and the gang for more fun!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That is so incredibly sad about your friend's husband. My brother is over there right now (he has a wife and 7 month old at home), please pray for him...we do all the time...

    That Spanish pottery is gorgeous!

  2. Prayers for your friend. May God comfort her and give her strength.

  3. Tell Morgan I love the Pottery! And give her my address...Jk, but seriously, I'll pay her! :)

    1. Hey Colleen,

      Send me your address via FB and I'll send you some photos of the different types of pottery they have. They have bright colors (like Jen's), darker, lots of colors, etc. :)

  4. What a great blog!! You are going on my reading list!! :)

  5. The cross is bee-yewtiful.

  6. Jen - I've been praying for your friend. It's been a rough week for our Armed Forces and painful for so many. The biggest fear is the knock on the door or them arriving at work. Never good, as you said. I'm so happy she moved to be closer to family during the deployment but it doesn't make it any easier. We'll continue to pray for them as well as all the others who lost loved ones in the past week.


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