Alleluia!!! :) Happy Easter!!  I am SO excited to be able to say 'Alleluia' now! :)  There is a version that Mart and I learned when we were on pilgrimage in France back in 2007 that is my absolute fave.  I literally woke up singing it this morning.

Good one, Jesus.  Good one.

Today... today was a good, good day.  I was looking forward to Easter all week!  I mean... obviously.  I am sure everyone has been looking forward to today.  But, I was especially looking forward to it because it meant that I wasn't working this weekend.  YAY!

Because of the whole working-through-the-Triduum- thing, I didn't really prepare much during Holy Week.  I had the best of intentions, but then changing my sleep patterns and working at night just kind of throws me off.  In a way, though, I was still being prepared.  I was removed from the "real world" for a bit.  Limited interactions with people (ok, besides the people at work).  Limited food (I am still working on when to eat!).  By the time Easter morning rolled around, I was so incredibly happy to be rejoicing and celebrating our risen Lord!

Mart and I went to 9am Mass (which was PACKED. It.was.nuts.) and it was a great celebration (with the exception of the rude man sitting near us).  I did not, however, get doused with Holy Water, which I was disappointed about, and I will be sure to have a little chat with Father about that.  I just loved feeling the joy and happiness in the church.  It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

We continued with some celebrating by eating the delicious roasted lamb meal Mart made.  I am seriously so blessed to live so close to my good friends that just include me in their holidays. :)  Our friends, Jennine and David joined us, as well.  It was wonderful!

We relaxed.  I called and chatted with some of my family.  Sat in the sun.  When Tom was finished playing the last Mass, Mart, the babe and I picked him up and went to hang out with the Loboda's for a bit.  I love meeting new friends (well, they aren't really that new) and being welcomed into their home. :)  The community here is just really special.  I thank God for allowing me to experience this in 'real life' (and not college life... I think you get me).  There were a ton of kids and babies.  I loved them all.  Is it possible to have baby fever even if you aren't married?  Ahem... or even close to that.  One day it will happen, God-willing, one day.

As you can tell, I had a wonderful day!  I hope you all were able to spend today with your family and/or friends.  Jesus rose from the dead to give us life, and I was reminded what an amazing life I have.  Thank you, Lord. Thank you.

Annnnd... some pics. :)

Mama and Zuz
Me and the babe.

hahaha... we tried. :)
Such a big girl! :)
Happy Fam.  And Tom looking very dapper for
Easter Masses today.
Zuzu isn't too sure about that basket...
Oh the things she puts up with! :)
First moment with Sophie.
And many more.  I think the Easter bunny did good for the first time! :)
Annnnd, what's Easter without a good pair of shades?!

Also... because there are a few pics with me in my outfit, I'll link up with Camp Patton for "What I Wore Easter Sunday!"  Oooook, and Fine Linen and Purple!  Go check out some more fab outfits if you need inspiration, or if you are bored and want some fun pics to look at! 

Me: Dress- South Moon Under, mannnnny years ago (SO happy it still fits!); Shoes- gave to me by Mart (not shown, nude pumps); Cross necklace- gift from my Momma for Easter; Hair- I DID IT! :); Cute babe- Mart's

The babes outfit: dress (embroidered with her initials), headband/bow, and socks from Cottontails in Naples.  Isn't she just adorable?!


  1. Oh.My.Gosh! Your daughter is so beautiful. I love the bunny ears and flower headband! Just love it. Your dress is beautiful as well. Stripes are the BEST!! Happy Easter to you and your sweet family!

    1. Well, thank you. But, I am actually the blonde! I suppose it's a bit confusing if you are a first time visitor!! I am the godmother of the babe and the BFF of the girl in the fab striped dress! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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