7 Quick Takes (19)

Let's see how quick I can actually make these today...

~ 1 ~
This little munchkin is SIX MONTHS today. :)

She is still the cutest thing ever.  Don't ya think?!
She wins for bestest goddaughter ever. :)

~ 2 ~
This date also means that I have been in Florida for 6 months.  Which is crazy.
Not all of the 6 months did I have the intention of moving down here.
But, I am sure glad I did!

~ 3 ~
It's Martha's birfday tomorrow (my BFF and Momma of the cute babe above).
So, please head on over to her loverly blog and leave some love! :)

~ 4 ~
I also pray for Mr. Gosnell himself.  This is hard.  But, I do pray that he may see the wrong he has done and repent.  It's so hard for me to fathom doing the things that he has done and how he is able to get up in the morning.  So, I pray.  What else can I do?

~ 5 ~
LESS than ONE month until my momma is herrrrrre!!!
I cannot WAIT to get some cuddle time in.

~ 6 ~
I need to find a storage place.  Like, yesterday.
The boxes that I see all of the time are making me claustrophobic.

~ 7 ~
Annndd.... I think that Mart and her parents, Tom and the babe are waiting to eat dinner.
And, I suppose this is being rude.

Grace from Camp Patton has graciously hosted all us crazies and our 7QTs, as Jen staying with her baby boy who is in the NICU still. So, please keep the babe and all of the Fulwiler fam in your prayers.

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