7 Quickity Quick Quick Takes (21)

Another Friday... another dose of 7 Quick Takes!
(I am writing this early... b/c today-Friday-intends to be a busy one!
Therefore, all the linkity-links will be updated later!)

~ 1 ~
Colleen is HERE!  Yes! :)
Coll, Mart and I haven't been ALL together since... Martha's wedding?
Yea... I think so.  Crazytown.
BUT... for 4 days... we.are.together.again.
And, it feels sooo good.

~ 2 ~
Which means... Coll brought her babe, Miriam.
Zuzu and Miriam are now friends:

Who want to hug....
Or grab each other's face.  Whatevs.

~ 3 ~
I love having two BFFs together... that have known you for a long time.
We can laugh like old times, talk about all the things we did in our college days and how times have changed.  So fun.

~ 4 ~
So, last Saturday, Martha and I went to the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Fort Myers.
The goal was to set the Guiness Book of World Records for the most cloth diapers changed in one day.  It was happening all around the world.  Kind of odd?  Maybe.  Totally fun to see all the cute babes and there big butts?  Duh.
I have no idea if the record was even achieved!

~ 5 ~
Martha is having a little par-tay at her house today.
This will be fun!  I am looking forward to meeting some more people.  Seeing some that I already know.  I really need to broaden my community around these parts.
(I love you, Mart, but I do need to make more friends!)

~ 6 ~
This party will allow me to wear the wonderful orange Anthro dress that I mentioned in my Five Faves yesterday! :)  I will post a pic of me in it at some point.  I mean, what's the point of having  your own blog if you can't brag justalittlebit about how cute you look in a really great dress?!

~ 7 ~
I had TWO random emails this week from people who stumbled upon my blog.
I am so grateful and humbled.
I didn't start writing so that people would just love my blog and want to read it, but the fact that it has reached a few people, it means so much.
So, thanks to those ladies who reached out.
And, obviously, thanks everyone else who reads this.  
Seriously, I can't say 'thank you' enough.

With that... head on over to Jen!  I think she is hosting this week... if not, I'll change it later! :)
Paz, Amor y Abrazos!


  1. Zuzu and Miriam are too cute!
    My aunt organized the cloth diaper exchange in her town (which is on the other side of the world from your point of view), so it certainly was a global event. Go cloth!

    1. hahaha! :) So awesome. And the babes ARE so cute.

  2. Oh my goodness, those baby pictures - TOO CUTE! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!:)

    1. Aren't they?! Thanks.. I hope you had a good one too! And are having a good week. I am a little late in the replying game here.

  3. I could barely handle all the cuteness in those pictures. What adorable babies!!! So glad to hear you got to spend quality time with your friends! Nothing quite beats a weekend with best friends :)

    1. haha... I know. Sometimes I just stare... b/c that's all I can do. I just love babies! It's true... good friends are the best!


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