Quick Takes (26)

I am just going to get straight to 'em!

~ 1 ~
I feel like I have already told you everything that has happened this week.
So, there is no point in rehashing that!

~ 2 ~
I signed up for another 6 months of Catholic Match.  Why?  I am not really too sure.
I just did it.  I haven't had a whole lot of success, and wasn't really feeling it.
BUT... within the week after renewing it I got 2 written messages from guys.  TWO!
For some reason, the stupid little emoticons prevent people from actually communicating, or it's something in my profile that guys run away from.
NEwho... it restored my hope in CM, justalitlebit more.
Prayers that I can continue to be open to the Lord's will and build some more confidence.
Please and thank you.

~ 3 ~
Great segway, Jen!
Speaking of dating and being single and all that jazz.
The lovely Morgan and I are FINALLY taking the plunge with our series/linkup/thing!!!
SO!  If you are single, have ever been single or know someone who is single, get ready!
We are starting our weekly series this Tuesday, June 4!!
We will be discussing all sorts of things about the single life, discernment, dating and everything in between.
Morgan and I are not necessarily offering solutions to problems or how to find the man of your dreams.  Frankly, how can we do that?  That's a total God thing, don't ya think?  
Plus, we are seeking the answers to those things, as well.
This series will be about our own experiences, what has (or hasn't) worked for us (that means YOU, too!), offer encouragement, support each other and know that we are not alone.
Morgan worked so hard on this.  Isn't it lovely??
Use it for your posts if you want!
So, please join us on June 4!!!
Tell everyone a little about yourself (single, dating history, religious life, whatever!) and what you hope to get out of this series!

Do you have something on your heart that you would like to discuss?  Please email Morgan (mvmcfar at gmail.com) or me (jennifercox.rn at gmail.com) or comment below!!!
I am so excited about this.  I am so excited to "meet" new people!!
Come, Holy Spirit, come.

~ 4 ~
I am really not an exercise person.  Ugh.  It's suuuuuuper hard for me to get up and do some exercise.
I know that this is a hard concept for some (and me sometimes, as I was an avid swimmer growing up), but it's the truth, sista.  Since I have started WW, I have really made more of an effort to walk more, ride my bike, etc.  Martha even got me to RUN the other day.  Say whaaaat??  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!
I know.  It shocked me, too.  And, it's only happened that one time.
Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.
When I got off work yesterday morning, I really wanted to do SOMETHING.
So, I went on the YouTubes and searched "Jillian Michaels".
She is all the rage these days.
And I did this:

I mean... I actually did it.
I was so excited!!  And proud.
Then I fell crashed into my bed.  And woke up sore.
But the good kind of sore...
Ok, Jillian.  Give me what you got my friend.

~ 5 ~
It's been kind of rainy around here for the last couple of days.
I love the hard, loud rain.
It reminds me of Honduras.
And makes me happy.

~ 6 ~
Colly mentioned customer service in her Five Faves this week... it's so true how much you rate a company/store/restaurant on their customer service.  But, do you think the customer service people who just read off scripts and prompts are doing a DIService?  
I feel like an idiot.  And I don't feel like the people are genuinely sorry or concerned about my problem.
I am looking at YOU, Comcast.
But, thanks for my free 3 months of DVR.

~ 7 ~
I am working alllllll weekend.
For some reason this really bums me out.
It's not just Saturday/Sunday... it's Friday NIGHT, Saturday NIGHT and Sunday NIGHT.
Yea... literally all weekend with sleep in between.
Prayers for me pleeeeeease!!!

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!!  Go visit her for more fun!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Five Favsies

I missed last weeks Five Faves... I don't remember why, but I am sure it was a good reason. :)
I am back, though... so don't you worry!

Blackout Curtains!!!!

Ok, so, while my mom was here she helped solidify my decision to get these curtains from Target for my room:
Fun, right?!
However, they are pretty sheer when the light hits it.  I really needed something darker so that I can sleep during the day.

SO! We got these awesome panels to line it:

It was pretty easy to install... and they are AMAZING.  It is so incredibly dark during the day, it boggles my mind.  When I have to wake up in the afternoons for work, it confuses me as to what part of the day it is.  So, I highly recommend using them if you are in need of some more darkness.

Great weekends.  Awesome family.  Wonderful friends. 

I mean, what else can I say about them?
I love them.

The Bachelorette!

I just can't help it!  It's mindless.  It's entertaining.  And, I really like Des.  
I wish and hope for the best!!

Yup, it's true.  
I am beginning my 4th week with the program and I have already lost a few pounds!!
It's so exciting.  It's amazing how easy it really is.
I think this is exactly what I needed to give me the boost to get back in shape and be healthy.
If Jennifer Hudson can do it... I think anyone can. :)

Thanks, Hallie, for hosting!  Visit her for more fun!  I hope that your kiddos feel better soon!
Happy Wednesday!

Weekend Recap

Man oh man... I am one sleeeeeepy girl.  I cannot wait to fall.into.my.bed..... oh, but only after I watch MadMen AND the season finale of Smash.  #priorities

I had a great weekend!  With few hiccups thrown in... we'll get to that in a minute.

Friday evening we took advantage of yet another beautiful evening and sunset.  "We" as in, Mart, Tom and the babe.  Who else?!

Amazing, right??  I seriously am so in awe of that fact that I live here.  NUTS!

Saturday I got up early, went for a walk with Mart and Zuz...

The sky was SO blue.
went back to sleep to get ready for work.  Then I was on call.  Again.  Ugh.
BUT, I was able to go to a great party with Mart and Tom at a beautiful house.  It was so nice.  Met some new people.  All in all, a great evening.

Sunday, I took advantage of going to the beach.  However, I only lasted 2 hours b/c there were SO many people.  A ton.  I kind of forget that holiday weekends brings on the masses.  And then I am thankful that I can come back any other day to hang out at the beach. :)

I went to mass in the evening... right after 6ish headed up to Tampa to visit my aunt and uncle.
Well, the first 1.5 hours were just fine.  I am going and going, then I noticed my car was just shaking and shaking.  I thought, 'huh, that's a little weird.'  I stayed in the right lane and then
Tire popped.  Legit.  My tire popped.
Then, I was hanging out for the next couple of hours... waiting...

It became dark... this was almost around 9pm:
Out my left
Out my right
 Getting a little creeped out.  Thank God my aunt and uncle came (I was ONLY 20 minutes away!!), and Uncle Bob even changed the tire well before the tow got there.  So, we sent him away. 
THEN, my car wouldn't start.  Awesome.
Scrambled to call the tow guy to come back.  He did, started my car and made it to my aunt and uncle's about 10:20pm.  Phew!

Gosh, I am just SO thankful for Uncle Bob and CJ coming and rescuing me.  It was nice to have them wait with me.  Family is such a great thing.

Monday was just gorgeous.  My aunt and uncle's community was dedicating their military memorial, so we went to that!  It was such a beautiful morning.

Me and my handsome Uncle.
He was in the Army for quite a long time.

After that we took my car to Goodyear (paid a ton and sold my left kidney) for some new tires and to make it safe again.  Thank the good Lord they were open.  Man.
We went to lunch, did a little shopping and had a scrumptious dinner.
We watched Les Mis and called it a night.

Got up this morning, had some coffee went to lunch with my Aunt and drove home.
Without any issues!  Imagine that?! ;)

I just love good weekends!!  I hope you all had such a wonderful one, as well.
It's sum-sum-SUMMER time, right?!  Maybe.

7QTs (25): The Crunchy Birth Edition

Last week, I had a patient that was LESS THAN 24 HOURS OLD!!  Holy moly.  I mean, I have had some teensy tiny, young patients before, but this little dark-haired cutie takes the cake.  She was AH-DOR-AH-BLE!!  And, she had the sweetest parents.  The reason I bring this up is b/c this babe was born at a birthing center (hence the reason we had her, and she didn't go straight to the NICU, which in my opinion turned out to be a huge blessing. Anywho..) and with that brought some incredibly judge-y comments from my coworkers and all the things that is "wrong" and "weird" and maybe even "stupid" that the crunchy/hippie people out there do.

And you know what?  I was them probably a year ago.  I had those same thoughts/feelings/judgements about the hippie world that I didn't even know much about.  When you are so immersed in the world of medicine, that is the ONLY way.  Ya know?  They only teach you the bad things that happen with the babies not born in a hospital, who don't have access to medical care, who don't get vaccinated, who don't use a bottle, etc, etc.  There isn't a balance of all the good that happens, too.  That it IS possible to birth a beautiful, healthy baby outside of the hospital.  There are kids out there that don't get those diseases if they aren't vaccinated.  It happens. It does.

I have Martha to thank for opening up my world.  I always knew that she would be doing natural/birth-center births, and was a little worried, but more excited to witness it.  That never happend b/c Zuzu came so quick, but everything else that Mart has taught me has been really awesome and eye-opening.  It really has.  Does that mean I will adopt this new way of life when I get pregnant and have some babes of my own?  Maybe.  But, maybe not.  All I can say is that I am open to it.  And, I don't think that people who choose to live their lives this way are as weird and crazy as I once thought.

So, now that this has been the LONGEST intro for some Quick Takes, like, ever... I thought I would talk about some stereotypes that were addressed at the hospital the other day.

~ 1 ~
People who don't birth in the hospital don't really know what's happening and are dumb.
From what I can tell, people who choose to birth in a BC (birthing center) or even at home, have done extensive research to figure out what will work best for them and their families.  Mostly, they want the freedom to have a say in HOW they birth and want people to respect and support their decisions.  Unfortunately they don't always have that in the hospital setting.

~ 2 ~
It's dangerous to birth in the water!
While I agree it does seem unnatural, it's not really that horrible for the mom OR the baby.
I have heard many moms say that birthing in water was actually really relaxing and helped them get through the pain of labor.  And, once the babe comes out, it's not like they are just hanging out in the water for a while.  I mean, that would just be mean.  As far as I know, the babes are taken out of the water pretty quickly and given to the mom for some cuddle time.
Now, if you want to say that is dirty and messy... well, I mean there is a lot of blood and stuff.  Births ARE pretty messy. But, Mart said at her BC, the water is constantly being refilled with clean water.  So, there's that!

~ 3 ~
Just b/c you birth at a BC and do a water birth means you are SO crunchy and hippie!
Well, I am just going to go out on a limb and say that's just not true.  I think it's prettttty stereotypical to clump people into a category.  You can natural birth at a BC and be all about vaccines and eating processed food and all that.  Or vice versa.  Just b/c you do one thing doesn't mean you automatically will do the others.

~ 4 ~
They will definitely be using cloth diapers! Gross.
Again... you can't just assume that.  Come on!  Really?!
And, cloth diapers are so cute.
I thought they were really weird, too. But, they really aren't that bad. Yes, a bit more laundry. But what is cuter than a baby's chunky(er) bottom with polka-dots or fun colors?! NOTHING!
You can wear them like pants!
They just add so much to an outfit, really!
I thought you could see it better... but you can't. Oh well.
~ 5 ~
These are the kids that will be bouncing back and getting sick.
(Referring to not getting the eye ointment and not vaccinating)
I mean... can you really say that?  I know a ton of parents who opt-out of the eye ointment and their kids are not blind, and who don't vaccinate and their kids and don't have polio or measles or whatever.
The eye ointment is really needed if the mom has a diagnosed STD.  If she doesn't, why goop their eyes up?  Those are my thoughts!

~ 6 ~
There is no medical care and they don't receive it!
Huh??  Well, if we are just going by this patient, then that's just silly.  The babe was receiving care within a few HOURS of the babe's arrival into this world... they were helping her AT the BC and when they realized she needed further care, they sent her to the hospital.  That's what would have happened anyway, right?
And, the babe is FINE!  She was home just a few hours after I left them in the morning.
If it's a good BC that has attentive midwives, then they know when further care is needed for mommy AND baby.  If they don't, then that should be of consideration to you. (Unless of course you don't want ANY medical care... then, well, that's up to you.  I would hope that if there is concern for baby and mom, then further care would be taken.  But, that is something that NEEDS to be discussed when planning for the birth.  Who am I?  I shouldn't make the decisions. The families should.)

~ 7 ~
They NEED to be eating. Their blood sugar is so low and stuff.
Well, yes.  It is important that they eat, they also need to sleep.  I don't know how I will be when I have my own babies, but I am not as anal as I used to be about pushing the babe to eat every couple of hours.  If the babe wants to sleep, let him sleep! He/she will get hungry and ask for food.  There is SO much happening in the life of the little babe that I am sure all they really want to do it sleep.  I mean, if that persists for a long period of time (ie longer than 24 hours) then maybe it's time to encourage the babe a little more, ya know?

So, you see... a lot of things were said that may just not be true, ya know?  I finally understand why hippie/crunchy people don't want to be in the hospital or go to the doctor.  They are judged and are not taken seriously.  They don't just arbitrarily choose to live their life like that.  They research and figure out what is best for them and their families.  I think that's what we all want to do, and they are no different.

While I was a bit frustrated at first having the convos with my coworkers, I am glad I did.  It reminded me that I was exactly like them not too long ago, and I am glad that I have a broader perspective.  Again, who knows what I will choose when I am pregnant, but I am glad that I have more of a solid understanding of the different ways to birth.

With all this pregnancy/baby talk... it reminds me that there are quite a few congrats in order around the bloggy world!!

First to Martha from Romancing Rielly! She and her hubby just welcomed their son, Sebastian, into the world! :)  He is just adorable!
And then to all the preggos... Dwija from House Unseen!
Caitlin from Catholic Cookie Jar!  She has the cutest reveal video of her family! :)
Stephanie from Captive the Heart
Jenny from Mama Needs Coffee!

And, I am sure there are a ton more!  So many prayers for your littles, you and your families!! Such an exciting time! Eeeeeee!!!

Thanks to Jen for allowing me to go onnnnnnn and onnnnnn for this weeks Takes! :)  And for hosting, of course!  Check her out for other quick takers AND to congratulate her for writing a book that will be published by Ignatius... ya know, the Pope's publisher.  THAT is a big.flipping.deal. :)

Happy Memorial Day!!!  Thanks to all the men and women who serve our country every.single.day. God Bless You!

Disclaimer: I haven't actually done a whoooole lotta research into any one area mentioned.  These are my opinions based on my experiences and experiences of friends.  It is not my intention to debate any one thing or offend anyone.  I hope I have come across that way!


I was having a conversation with Mart the other day, that went a little something like this:

Mart: What did you think of Randy*? <eyebrow raises>
Me: I mean, he is really nice! But, isn't he a teacher or something? Like, he has his PhD? He's too smart for me. We would have NOTHING in common!
Mart: What? Jen!
Me (sighs): I knowww...
Mart: Don't you wanna get married??  I am TRYING to help you out here. Eric was too good looking! So and so was too loud and too intense.  That other guy was too something else...  You haven't even gone on a DATE with ANY of these guys.  How do you know?!
Me: ... smiles awkwardly
Mart: Come on, Jen! Have some confidence!

Ah, yes.  Confidence.

From Dictionary.com, confidence is described as:
belief in oneself and one's powers and abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance.

I mean... I would describe myself as a pretty confident person, expect when it has anything to do with guys.  Ugh.  What is UP with that?  I have recognized that I do this thing with ANY guy that I could possibly have any interest in... or that could be interested in me... where I find something wrong with the guy.  "Wrong" is relative, I suppose.  Really, I just pick and choose things that make the guy not right for me.  Sometimes, I'll be honest, it's pretty superficial things, other times it's legit things that we don't have in common/agree with.

I do this as a defense mechanism.  I find something that gives me a reason not to like/get to know/date someone so then I don't have a chance... of getting hurt.

Ugh.  It's frustrating.  I frustrate myself all.of.the.time. with this part of my personality.

I wish I didn't worry about it!  I wish I could just meet people guys and not think twice!  But, I do.  I do lack the confidence in myself... truly believing that I am a catch!  I know it sounds crazy.  I know the devil is weaseling his way up in my head.  I know that God loves me and I am His beloved.  Because of that I know I am worthy.

But, how does that actually equate into feeling confident?  Where does the confidence actually come from?  It's all well and good to have friends and family say that you are awesome! and any guy would be so lucky to have you! and all that jazz.  It's sweet and nice and encouraging.  But, really it just makes me question.  Where, then, are all those guys?  Why doesn't anyone ask me out?  Or respond to all those messages on CatholicMatch?

Guh.  I don't know.  I guess I just have to 'put myself out there' as they say.  That's hard when the majority of your time is spent in the hospital, sleeping, or with your BFFs fam (not that I am complaining!!).

I didn't really mean for this to be soooo Debbie Downer.  Please don't let this fool you into thinking that I am super sad about my life or something.  Because I am NOT!  I have a wonderful and amazing life.  These words were just on my heart to share.  So, I did.  Obvs.  ;)

Suggestions?  Comments??  A really great guy you think I should meet?!  GET AT ME!!!

Paz y Amor.

*Guys names were changed for obvious reasons.  Ya know, if they found this here blog, and saw that I was talking about them, having NO idea who I even am.  Um, embarrassing much?!  Yes.

Vacay & Staycay (stacay?)

My mom left today. :(  Ended her vacay and my mini staycation.

It was SO nice to have her around.  I think I have mentioned that a gazillion times already.  So, I will show some pics of things that we did.  There wasn't anything big that we did, just a lot of time spent TOGETHER.  A lot of which was at the beach.

Not too shabby, huh?!

Maybe these will entice some more visitors!  I do like to show off my cute little house and the town that I am calling home. :)

We began with some time at the water park last week with Mart and the babe:

She loved it! :)
We saw many sunsets... can never get enough :)

I just love my dress.
 Yea... the beaches are awesome.

We saw dolphins!!! :)

We saw these dolphins at the Naples' Pier!

And, I almost got clobbered by a pelican. Bahaha!

I love you so much, Mom!  Thank you again for coming and hanging out.  I just loved having you around!  I can't wait to see you again! :)

Quick Takes: 100th post!!!

Whoa... it's a big day!

It's Quick Take Friday AND my 100th post!!

In honor of this 100th post... I thought I'd... well, um, I thought I would... actually I have no idea!  Man, I am not anywhere near the other awesome, fun, funny, or inspiring blogs our there that think about really great things to do for blog milestones.  Ah, well!  I'm still a newbie in this bloggy world.

~ 1 ~
I would like to say thank you to all of you out there (that do not consist of my mom, Aunt and grandmother- although I am SO glad they read my words, too) who do read this blog.  I know that I am not the best writer or even that funny or have the most inspirational words or the best nuggets of Catholic/Christian wisdom, but these are my words.  I began blogging as more of a journal, and it really has been that, even if it's masked as Quick Takes or Five Faves.  The way I type, is pretttty much the way I talk, so I hope that it has come across as genuine and true.  So, for those that keep coming back... it really means the world to me.  It was never really part of the plan to have "followers" and people interested in my boring life.

~ 2 ~
I have said this numerous of times... but the community in this great world of women bloggers is SO awesome.  I truly believe that God has His hand in all of this.  I have virtually met (or e-met... ha, I just made that up.  I am sure it actually already exists, but let me have my moment!) so many awesome people.  People that I refer to as friends in real-life (and sometimes feel awkward when I get those 'are you serious' looks from people when I explain that I actually never have met them... please tell this happens to other people!).  People that I get excited for, worry with, pray for/with.  It really is such an awesome, awesome thing. 


~ 3 ~
Annnnnnd I just got back to this post after a day with my mom at the beach and such... and I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out everything else I wanted to write about.  Sheesh.
Oh well.  On to the more random things!

~ 4 ~
I had a really great realization yesterdaynight at work.
I am working on a blog post for that, hopefully soon.

~ 5 ~
Do you think people would like to read about other's conversion or reversion stories?
I have mentioned my journey in tidbits, but would anyone want to hear the whole thing?
I love hearing them... but I might be the only one.
Wanna do a link-up?  Anyone? ...?

~ 6 ~
It's so weird to not see Martha and the baby everyday.
It's amazing how much they are part of my life.
I feel like Zuzu will be driving when I see her again.
I mean, that's possible, right? A 7month old driving. Yea. Totally.

~ 7 ~
It's my momma's birthday tomorrow!!!!!! :)
Please say a few extra prayers for her special day!
More special time with my wonderful mom.
It should be fab.

Thank you for joining me on this 7 Quick Take Journey today... even though it's picture-less and super ramble-ly.  Again, thank you to all of you who continue to come back to this wee little blog.
You all rock. No joke.

Don't forget to visit Jen and the gang for more fun!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Five Things that I am likin'...

aka: Five Faves time!! :)


I am SO excited about SYTYCD!
I just love it.  I love dance.
If I could have chosen ANY skill/talent from the Lord it would be dance.
It's beautiful, emotional, real and raw.
Love it.

(2) & (3)

Sunsets.  Nope... sunsets at the beach.
What else can I say about that?

And my mom.


Cool nights!  I love having the windows open and getting fresh air!
This won't last too much longer in these parts, so I have to take advantage of it! :)


A little hummus.
Oh... she is a fan of the Chick-Fil-A already! :)
(I don't know why these pics look so pixelated and blurry. Fail iPhone uploading attempt. Sheesh)

The Zuz!!!
Martha and the babe are going for a little vacay to visit her family in Orlando!  So, I won't get to see my sweet goddaughter for FIVE days.  Ugh.  What's a godmommy to do?!

As always... thank you Hallie for hosting!! :)

It's 4am...

I'm at work. My mom is at my house presumably sleeping. 

I want to be at my house sleeping. 

This job that I am so-so about is so much harder to be at when I have my beloved momma at home. Sheesh.

It has been so nice to have my mom around again. To hang out. To cuddle. To love on the babe with me. To just be. 

To have her be excited about my house! To be in awe that I actually live in Florida! To remind me of what a good life I lead, but never in a condescending or in a hello-do-you-know-HOW-awesome-your-life-is kind of way. Ya know?

She is just so good to be. Seriously. She is just going with the flow as we visit here, go there, see the baby again and again. And again. Buying me curtains (!!!) and helping organize things. Dealing with the fact that I didn't get her a gift for Mother's Day (I knowwww... daughter fail). Even though I had to leave her alone at my house.

She is just here. We are together. Living life again. Just like it was when I was little. There is just something so right about having moms around, ya know?

I love you, momma! Thank you for being the amazing momma you are!!! MMMMUAH!

7QTs: What is happening???

Well, I will tell you!

~ 1 ~


~ 2 ~


~ 3 ~


~ 4 ~


~ 5 ~


~ 6 ~
So, as you can see, I am justalittlebit excited!!!
Thanksgiving was the last time we have see each other. 
And she will be here for a whole THIRTEEN days! 13!!! 

~ 7 ~

I am so excited to spend Mother's Day AND your birthday with you!  I love you so very much, Mom!

I know... easiest, quickest Quick Takes ever!! :)  Please go visit Jen and the gang for more fun Quick Takes! :)

NFP (ATSL): Taking the Plunge

Ok, so remember that time when I sad I was going to be soooo proactive about NFP and learn how to do it and basically be the bomb diggity??

Yea... well... I suck.

Ok, maybe I am little hard on myself (yes, I know, Mom!), but I haven't been so good at it lately.  After I had my really amazingawesomefun meeting with that awesome teacher, I never actually signed up for the Creighton stuff.

Ugh.  I know.  I knowwwww.

I continued to look at Martha's stuff, watched for my own signs, kept more of a mental note, etc.  But, THEN!  I read this post by Mary from Better Than Eden and I thought all of my problems were solved.  An app for the phone?  That uses the Creighton Method without calling itself that?  Yes, please.  Sign me up!

The thing with Creighton is that everything has to be done on their paper charting system.  While I understand the reasons behind this... it IS 2013 in the world of all-things-electronic, why don't they just have an app for that?  I mean, most physician's offices will be required to have an electronic medical record soonish... so, I don't see why Creighton shouldn't jump on board, too! (yes, I know it takes time and money to develop these things... I am not that dense).  It's just sooooo old skool to copy the papers and snail mail them to your practitioner, scan the papers and email them or... fffax them.  I mean, c'mon!  So, I really have been dragging me feet... all due to the logistics of getting my info to my teacher/practitioner.

Ok, so... enter the MyFertilityMD app on my iPhone.  YES!  It's so simple.  So quick.  They really make things easy for you.  They have videos to remind you of how to do things/what things look like/etc.  There is a reminder to make sure you actually chart that day!  It's awesome.  I'm going about my business, charting and charting.  And I soon notice...

I am always.always.always.fertile.  Always.  Really?  

I highly doubt that.  What I have realized since stopping my birth control months ago, is that my periods seem to be regular.  With that regularity comes a period of infertile days.  So, either I am charting my signs wrong.  Or, there is something wrong with me.  Bahaha.  I mean, I don't laugh b/c I want something to be wrong with me... I laugh b/c I am sure I will WANT to be this fertile when I get married so I can start popping out those babes right away. :)

So ladies (and gentlemen??), I say all of this b/c I think I just need to take the plunge here.  I need to contact my really amazingawesomefun teacher and get this ball rolling with the actual Creighton shtuffs.  I need to really make this more of a priority.

If I want to promote the goodness of natural (or organic) family planning, then I should actually, really be doing the work.  Amirite?!

As always... I'll keep y'all (I don't actually ever use this in everyday speech... but sometimes it just sounds so much better in writing) updated, whether you want to be updated or not! :)

Happy Nurse's Week!!!!

Although I am only into my 6th year being a nurse (which is very young in the nursing world!), I have been so incredibly blessed to have some amazing opportunities since graduating way back in 2007. ;)  I have recently been a little melancholy about this profession I have chosen... you may or may not have noticed from a few recent posts.  So, in light of Nurse's Week, I thought I would take a little stroll down memory lane and provide for you my 10 most memorable moments/patients/things!!  Sometimes, I need a little reminder of why I do what I do.

In no particular order... let's get started!

    My first job!  
    I seriously had the BEST first job anyone could ever ask for at one of the top pediatric facilities in the country.  I had an amazing and supportive manager; all around greatest management team; a wonderful preceptor; fabulous friends; a wonderful and full experience on the floor.  People supported me and wanted me to succeed.  I was also given some pretty phenomenal opportunities which I will talk about in a bit.
    My first stethoscope!  
    Yup, it's orange.  And amazing.  Although this is not the original pictured- I never could get myself to go for another color- that first one was such a big deal.  I believe my parents got it for me when I graduated.  It made me official, ya know??

    One of my first really interesting and intense patients that had me in awe of the profession I was entering.  Due to HIPPA laws... I can't say much.  Other than a tree branch that punctured the patient's head/brain.  Yea.  I think you can get it.
    Becoming a Magnet Champion!  
    This was a pretty big nudge from my manager when I first started working.  I was young and impressionable... with LOTS of energy. :)  This was one of the highlights.  I learned so much about the hospital and the profession of nursing.  I was able to travel and attend fun conferences.  I was able to educate my coworkers on my unit and throughout the hospital.  It was lots of work, but so worth it.
    This.was.HUGE!  All of that hard work I put into being a Champion (along with all of the other Champions) getting the hospital ready... we finally did it.  It was just so amazing.  I was so proud of everyone and to be part of that hospital.
    Becoming a preceptor!  
    I had such a phenomenal preceptor as a new grad, I knew that I had to give back, as well.  I am so glad I did.  I absolutely fell in love with precepting/teaching/supporting/encouraging the new nurses.  It was a skill and enjoyment that I didn't know I had.  I am so grateful for that opportunity.  It was truly amazing.
    One of my favorite patients in the whole world.  She will always, always have a special place in my heart.  She and her family are just awesome and I am so blessed to have them in my life.
    At lunch a few years ago... when I had red hair! :)
    Emma's family nominated me for the Daisy Award and I WON!!!  It was such a surprise.  I was humbled and honored to be amongst this group of nurses.  It just means the world to me.

    More patients that I can think of at the top of my head: Madeline, Nick, Sarah, Anna.  There are a TON that have touched my heart in some way.  I just wish my head could remember them all.
    God truly used my experience at the hospital to prepare and encourage me to leave the comfort of my own country to serve abroad.  It was a challenging experience, but one that I don't regret.

Most of all... I am so appreciative of the hugs, smiles, giggles, high-fives, snacks, chocolate, "thank-yous" and love that I have received from all of my patients, families and coworkers.  I wouldn't be the nurse I am today without any of you.

It's so easy for me to get frustrated with all of the drama, hospital politics, feeling unappreciative, losing my sense of purpose in the everyday, mundane tasks of my job.  But, reflecting on what a wonderful career I have had reminds me that I have the privilege of being part of a kid's life, even just for a minute.  It's stressful and scary.  No one wants to be in the hospital.  It's my job to make it less terrifying, all the while helping heal their tiny little bodies.  God has given me an incredible gift.  I never want to take it for granted or lose anyone's trust.

I have said this before... I am, and always will be, proud to be a nurse.

Happy Nurse's Week to all of the wonderful nurses I know, near and far.  In real life and in bloggy-land!  Be proud of what you do!

P.S. I am, indeed, writing this after a night shift.  If their are glaring typos or grammatical errors I sincerely apologize.  I really just wanted to get this up today, Nurse's Day, that begins the fun week! :)

**please click on the titles of Magnet Recognition, Daisy Award or Serving in Honduras for more info about those topics :)**

7QTs (22): Not Much Going On

Oh yea! Another episode of....

I really don't know if I have 7 things worth reporting.
Here we go!

~ 1 ~
I am SO happy Jen is getting back into the swing of things.
The few Fridays she wasn't hosting 7QTs I really missed them. :)
I am just so happy that she, the babe and the whole fam are doing well!

~ 2 ~
My name (along with all new parishioners) was on the cover of the bulletin for the week! :)
Thank you, St. John's, for the welcome!

~ 3 ~
I am so excited. So.excited.
Guh. It's going to be great.

~ 4 ~
Um, um, um.
My dad and Connie are getting their house ready to sell!
It's so crazy!  It's funny b/c I never thought of that house as "my house" but now that they are selling it, I am sad.  It was hard when my mom sold our house and she moved away.  Now my dad is selling his, although they will still be in town, it feels that my roots and ties to the DC area are lessening.
So strange.  Of course my grandparents are still there, and my aunt and uncle, but as the years go by, the less people I will have to visit there!

~ 5 ~
Wow... I am really struggling today.
After two rainy/stormy days... it.is.GORGEOUS. today!!
Blue sky. It will me warm. Slight breeze.

~ 6 ~
I really need to buy my ticket to DC soon.  I mean, I am going next month.
Yikes! I really need to get on that.
Or I won't get to see my daddy.  Or my bro, SIL and niece, Charlotte!!!
Going to buy it now.

~ 7 ~
Ok... now that I have bored you all with this weeks 7QTs, here is a pic of the babe!
I mean, what is a Quick Takes post without my cute goddaughter. :)
Guh... look at that face!!
This was the first time she was being carried on Martha's back.
I think she liked it... no?
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend everyone!!!  
I'll be doing the working thing.  I know... I am just opposite everyone.  Such is a nurse's life. :)

Don't forget to check out Jen and the other Quick Takers!

Fave Faves (tres)

My Porch
Er... lanai, as I am often corrected.
Minus the doing laundry part.
Also, ignore the stuffs that is hiding behind the door.
I love to sit out here. Drink my coffee. Pray. Watch the animals. Chat with friends.
I just love it. Hands down- fave part of the house!

The sound of the rain
& thunderstorms
I have fond memories of both.

My mom and I would sit in the car for a looooong time and just listen to the rain hitting the car. It was so relaxing and calming. Even if we were busy and had stuff to do, we would chill and listen to the rain.

My dad and I would always sit out on the porch together to watch thunderstorms.
To this day, I absolutely LOVE storms. When we are together, we still try to watch them, quietly. 
Just being.

Currently it is crazy raining and storming!
If only one of them were here with me now! :)

These blog posts:

13 Things I Want to Teach My Children by Rakhi McCormick at The Pitter Patter Diaries
(I can only hope to instill these things in my future babes)

This here blog by Kristin Loboda at Team Boda
(beautifully written. The community in this bloggy world is awesome!)

just don't say it: Singlehood by Amanda Mortus at worthy of Agape
(Yes, to all of this. Hilarious but so, so true)

New series ideas??
I have been chatting (really, emailing) with Morgan from Follow and Believe about starting a new series/linkup/thing about our state in life right now: being single.
I have mentioned this before, but we are starting to formulate ideas, themes, how to do it, etc.
It's so exciting!
We both feel called to talk about this period in our lives: knowing-I'm-supposed-to-get-married-but-I'm-not-so-what-do-I-do-in-the-meantime kind of thing.
We want to explore discernment, what it means to be single in today's world, how to build each other up (community), how to keep God at the forefront, etc.  We have a TON (like, multiple emails, ton) of ideas.
If you (whether you are single or were single-now married or religious life- and have any ideas/thoughts/etc, let us know!
Both of us are so excited to get this conversation rolling to remind us and YOU, 

Um, days off.
I think this one is pretty self explanatory. 

With that... I am off to relax, listen to the sweet sound of rain and make some more coffee!
Have a blessed and wonderful Sunday (er, Wednesday! This nightshift business is making me crazy)!

Thanks, Hallie!

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