Fave Faves (tres)

My Porch
Er... lanai, as I am often corrected.
Minus the doing laundry part.
Also, ignore the stuffs that is hiding behind the door.
I love to sit out here. Drink my coffee. Pray. Watch the animals. Chat with friends.
I just love it. Hands down- fave part of the house!

The sound of the rain
& thunderstorms
I have fond memories of both.

My mom and I would sit in the car for a looooong time and just listen to the rain hitting the car. It was so relaxing and calming. Even if we were busy and had stuff to do, we would chill and listen to the rain.

My dad and I would always sit out on the porch together to watch thunderstorms.
To this day, I absolutely LOVE storms. When we are together, we still try to watch them, quietly. 
Just being.

Currently it is crazy raining and storming!
If only one of them were here with me now! :)

These blog posts:

13 Things I Want to Teach My Children by Rakhi McCormick at The Pitter Patter Diaries
(I can only hope to instill these things in my future babes)

This here blog by Kristin Loboda at Team Boda
(beautifully written. The community in this bloggy world is awesome!)

just don't say it: Singlehood by Amanda Mortus at worthy of Agape
(Yes, to all of this. Hilarious but so, so true)

New series ideas??
I have been chatting (really, emailing) with Morgan from Follow and Believe about starting a new series/linkup/thing about our state in life right now: being single.
I have mentioned this before, but we are starting to formulate ideas, themes, how to do it, etc.
It's so exciting!
We both feel called to talk about this period in our lives: knowing-I'm-supposed-to-get-married-but-I'm-not-so-what-do-I-do-in-the-meantime kind of thing.
We want to explore discernment, what it means to be single in today's world, how to build each other up (community), how to keep God at the forefront, etc.  We have a TON (like, multiple emails, ton) of ideas.
If you (whether you are single or were single-now married or religious life- and have any ideas/thoughts/etc, let us know!
Both of us are so excited to get this conversation rolling to remind us and YOU, 

Um, days off.
I think this one is pretty self explanatory. 

With that... I am off to relax, listen to the sweet sound of rain and make some more coffee!
Have a blessed and wonderful Sunday (er, Wednesday! This nightshift business is making me crazy)!

Thanks, Hallie!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! And I LOVE your patio (er, lanai...I'm from Michigan, so maybe I can get away with calling it a patio). :) We would love to have a covered patio or sunroom one day... Ahhh, to dream... ;) Enjoy the rain!

    1. Thanks!! :) (and you're welcome about the shout out!) I am now being correcting that my porch/lanai is a sunroom... b/c it's glassed in. I just can't keep it straight!!

  2. No way, it's totally a sunroom! Lanais have to be screened only, porches are without screen, but outdoor feeling rooms with glass are sunrooms!
    And it is the best room in the house (not the least because those chairs rock AND swivel!)

    1. oh my gosh... I never knew there were so many words for basically the same thing! A sunroom... I suppose this does make more sense. Sheesh.

    2. Here on the law school campus where we live, they (as in the housing dept.) call the lanais that have glass and a/c "air conditioned lanais" and the kind that are just the screen (such as ours) the lanai. So, they at least think that it can be called a lanai if it has glass.

    3. Hahaha... man... the options just never end! :)

  3. I would love to consider getting involved in the being single series!! Would love to chat with you about it. natalieg1319@gmail.com

  4. Thanks for the shout out, you are so sweet!

    I'm SO down with the blogs about the single life (duh.) because there is so much stuff to be said, and there can never be enough encouragement =)


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