Five Things that I am likin'...

aka: Five Faves time!! :)


I am SO excited about SYTYCD!
I just love it.  I love dance.
If I could have chosen ANY skill/talent from the Lord it would be dance.
It's beautiful, emotional, real and raw.
Love it.

(2) & (3)

Sunsets.  Nope... sunsets at the beach.
What else can I say about that?

And my mom.


Cool nights!  I love having the windows open and getting fresh air!
This won't last too much longer in these parts, so I have to take advantage of it! :)


A little hummus.
Oh... she is a fan of the Chick-Fil-A already! :)
(I don't know why these pics look so pixelated and blurry. Fail iPhone uploading attempt. Sheesh)

The Zuz!!!
Martha and the babe are going for a little vacay to visit her family in Orlando!  So, I won't get to see my sweet goddaughter for FIVE days.  Ugh.  What's a godmommy to do?!

As always... thank you Hallie for hosting!! :)


  1. Oh my, I love SYTYCD TOO!! We have to watch a show together!!

    The weather this week has been amazing, we are in heaven. And love to just sit on our porch at night.

    Make sure you visit us when Martha and Zuzu are gone. Hope will be a good substitute :).

  2. I heart SYTYCD, though I'm hoping the format is back to normal and not wonky like last summer (darn Olympics!). :) Glad you are enjoying having your mom there with you!


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