It's 4am...

I'm at work. My mom is at my house presumably sleeping. 

I want to be at my house sleeping. 

This job that I am so-so about is so much harder to be at when I have my beloved momma at home. Sheesh.

It has been so nice to have my mom around again. To hang out. To cuddle. To love on the babe with me. To just be. 

To have her be excited about my house! To be in awe that I actually live in Florida! To remind me of what a good life I lead, but never in a condescending or in a hello-do-you-know-HOW-awesome-your-life-is kind of way. Ya know?

She is just so good to be. Seriously. She is just going with the flow as we visit here, go there, see the baby again and again. And again. Buying me curtains (!!!) and helping organize things. Dealing with the fact that I didn't get her a gift for Mother's Day (I knowwww... daughter fail). Even though I had to leave her alone at my house.

She is just here. We are together. Living life again. Just like it was when I was little. There is just something so right about having moms around, ya know?

I love you, momma! Thank you for being the amazing momma you are!!! MMMMUAH!

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