Quick Takes: 100th post!!!

Whoa... it's a big day!

It's Quick Take Friday AND my 100th post!!

In honor of this 100th post... I thought I'd... well, um, I thought I would... actually I have no idea!  Man, I am not anywhere near the other awesome, fun, funny, or inspiring blogs our there that think about really great things to do for blog milestones.  Ah, well!  I'm still a newbie in this bloggy world.

~ 1 ~
I would like to say thank you to all of you out there (that do not consist of my mom, Aunt and grandmother- although I am SO glad they read my words, too) who do read this blog.  I know that I am not the best writer or even that funny or have the most inspirational words or the best nuggets of Catholic/Christian wisdom, but these are my words.  I began blogging as more of a journal, and it really has been that, even if it's masked as Quick Takes or Five Faves.  The way I type, is pretttty much the way I talk, so I hope that it has come across as genuine and true.  So, for those that keep coming back... it really means the world to me.  It was never really part of the plan to have "followers" and people interested in my boring life.

~ 2 ~
I have said this numerous of times... but the community in this great world of women bloggers is SO awesome.  I truly believe that God has His hand in all of this.  I have virtually met (or e-met... ha, I just made that up.  I am sure it actually already exists, but let me have my moment!) so many awesome people.  People that I refer to as friends in real-life (and sometimes feel awkward when I get those 'are you serious' looks from people when I explain that I actually never have met them... please tell this happens to other people!).  People that I get excited for, worry with, pray for/with.  It really is such an awesome, awesome thing. 


~ 3 ~
Annnnnnd I just got back to this post after a day with my mom at the beach and such... and I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out everything else I wanted to write about.  Sheesh.
Oh well.  On to the more random things!

~ 4 ~
I had a really great realization yesterdaynight at work.
I am working on a blog post for that, hopefully soon.

~ 5 ~
Do you think people would like to read about other's conversion or reversion stories?
I have mentioned my journey in tidbits, but would anyone want to hear the whole thing?
I love hearing them... but I might be the only one.
Wanna do a link-up?  Anyone? ...?

~ 6 ~
It's so weird to not see Martha and the baby everyday.
It's amazing how much they are part of my life.
I feel like Zuzu will be driving when I see her again.
I mean, that's possible, right? A 7month old driving. Yea. Totally.

~ 7 ~
It's my momma's birthday tomorrow!!!!!! :)
Please say a few extra prayers for her special day!
More special time with my wonderful mom.
It should be fab.

Thank you for joining me on this 7 Quick Take Journey today... even though it's picture-less and super ramble-ly.  Again, thank you to all of you who continue to come back to this wee little blog.
You all rock. No joke.

Don't forget to visit Jen and the gang for more fun!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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