Quick Takes (26)

I am just going to get straight to 'em!

~ 1 ~
I feel like I have already told you everything that has happened this week.
So, there is no point in rehashing that!

~ 2 ~
I signed up for another 6 months of Catholic Match.  Why?  I am not really too sure.
I just did it.  I haven't had a whole lot of success, and wasn't really feeling it.
BUT... within the week after renewing it I got 2 written messages from guys.  TWO!
For some reason, the stupid little emoticons prevent people from actually communicating, or it's something in my profile that guys run away from.
NEwho... it restored my hope in CM, justalitlebit more.
Prayers that I can continue to be open to the Lord's will and build some more confidence.
Please and thank you.

~ 3 ~
Great segway, Jen!
Speaking of dating and being single and all that jazz.
The lovely Morgan and I are FINALLY taking the plunge with our series/linkup/thing!!!
SO!  If you are single, have ever been single or know someone who is single, get ready!
We are starting our weekly series this Tuesday, June 4!!
We will be discussing all sorts of things about the single life, discernment, dating and everything in between.
Morgan and I are not necessarily offering solutions to problems or how to find the man of your dreams.  Frankly, how can we do that?  That's a total God thing, don't ya think?  
Plus, we are seeking the answers to those things, as well.
This series will be about our own experiences, what has (or hasn't) worked for us (that means YOU, too!), offer encouragement, support each other and know that we are not alone.
Morgan worked so hard on this.  Isn't it lovely??
Use it for your posts if you want!
So, please join us on June 4!!!
Tell everyone a little about yourself (single, dating history, religious life, whatever!) and what you hope to get out of this series!

Do you have something on your heart that you would like to discuss?  Please email Morgan (mvmcfar at gmail.com) or me (jennifercox.rn at gmail.com) or comment below!!!
I am so excited about this.  I am so excited to "meet" new people!!
Come, Holy Spirit, come.

~ 4 ~
I am really not an exercise person.  Ugh.  It's suuuuuuper hard for me to get up and do some exercise.
I know that this is a hard concept for some (and me sometimes, as I was an avid swimmer growing up), but it's the truth, sista.  Since I have started WW, I have really made more of an effort to walk more, ride my bike, etc.  Martha even got me to RUN the other day.  Say whaaaat??  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!
I know.  It shocked me, too.  And, it's only happened that one time.
Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.
When I got off work yesterday morning, I really wanted to do SOMETHING.
So, I went on the YouTubes and searched "Jillian Michaels".
She is all the rage these days.
And I did this:

I mean... I actually did it.
I was so excited!!  And proud.
Then I fell crashed into my bed.  And woke up sore.
But the good kind of sore...
Ok, Jillian.  Give me what you got my friend.

~ 5 ~
It's been kind of rainy around here for the last couple of days.
I love the hard, loud rain.
It reminds me of Honduras.
And makes me happy.

~ 6 ~
Colly mentioned customer service in her Five Faves this week... it's so true how much you rate a company/store/restaurant on their customer service.  But, do you think the customer service people who just read off scripts and prompts are doing a DIService?  
I feel like an idiot.  And I don't feel like the people are genuinely sorry or concerned about my problem.
I am looking at YOU, Comcast.
But, thanks for my free 3 months of DVR.

~ 7 ~
I am working alllllll weekend.
For some reason this really bums me out.
It's not just Saturday/Sunday... it's Friday NIGHT, Saturday NIGHT and Sunday NIGHT.
Yea... literally all weekend with sleep in between.
Prayers for me pleeeeeease!!!

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!!  Go visit her for more fun!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Regarding your QT2: I was on CM for six months too, but never renewed. I know I'm generalizing, but it seemed to me most of the people on there don't really want a relationship. Sure, they think they want to, but as soon as it starts to feel serious, they're gone. However, there are people on there ready and willing to start a relationship when they meet that special someone!

    1. It's true... I have found the same thing. It's really frustrating. Like, I said I am not too sure why I renewed... it was on a whim. So, I have to keep trying, ya know?!

  2. Can't wait to see what happens with this link up!!

  3. I have always thought that CM was a great thing!! Excited for you :).

    Love your link up idea. Can't wait to read!!


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