Weekend Recap

Man oh man... I am one sleeeeeepy girl.  I cannot wait to fall.into.my.bed..... oh, but only after I watch MadMen AND the season finale of Smash.  #priorities

I had a great weekend!  With few hiccups thrown in... we'll get to that in a minute.

Friday evening we took advantage of yet another beautiful evening and sunset.  "We" as in, Mart, Tom and the babe.  Who else?!

Amazing, right??  I seriously am so in awe of that fact that I live here.  NUTS!

Saturday I got up early, went for a walk with Mart and Zuz...

The sky was SO blue.
went back to sleep to get ready for work.  Then I was on call.  Again.  Ugh.
BUT, I was able to go to a great party with Mart and Tom at a beautiful house.  It was so nice.  Met some new people.  All in all, a great evening.

Sunday, I took advantage of going to the beach.  However, I only lasted 2 hours b/c there were SO many people.  A ton.  I kind of forget that holiday weekends brings on the masses.  And then I am thankful that I can come back any other day to hang out at the beach. :)

I went to mass in the evening... right after 6ish headed up to Tampa to visit my aunt and uncle.
Well, the first 1.5 hours were just fine.  I am going and going, then I noticed my car was just shaking and shaking.  I thought, 'huh, that's a little weird.'  I stayed in the right lane and then
Tire popped.  Legit.  My tire popped.
Then, I was hanging out for the next couple of hours... waiting...

It became dark... this was almost around 9pm:
Out my left
Out my right
 Getting a little creeped out.  Thank God my aunt and uncle came (I was ONLY 20 minutes away!!), and Uncle Bob even changed the tire well before the tow got there.  So, we sent him away. 
THEN, my car wouldn't start.  Awesome.
Scrambled to call the tow guy to come back.  He did, started my car and made it to my aunt and uncle's about 10:20pm.  Phew!

Gosh, I am just SO thankful for Uncle Bob and CJ coming and rescuing me.  It was nice to have them wait with me.  Family is such a great thing.

Monday was just gorgeous.  My aunt and uncle's community was dedicating their military memorial, so we went to that!  It was such a beautiful morning.

Me and my handsome Uncle.
He was in the Army for quite a long time.

After that we took my car to Goodyear (paid a ton and sold my left kidney) for some new tires and to make it safe again.  Thank the good Lord they were open.  Man.
We went to lunch, did a little shopping and had a scrumptious dinner.
We watched Les Mis and called it a night.

Got up this morning, had some coffee went to lunch with my Aunt and drove home.
Without any issues!  Imagine that?! ;)

I just love good weekends!!  I hope you all had such a wonderful one, as well.
It's sum-sum-SUMMER time, right?!  Maybe.


  1. Girl! What a great weekend!!

    I think I need to fly down and visit you sometime. ;)

    1. :) YES! You can come anytime you need some beach time. I am soooo serious.

  2. Love the pics!

    So sweet you were able to see family and that they took care of you :).

    1. :) Oh, good! It's wonderful to have great family!

  3. Yikes! I'm pretty sure a tire popping on the interstate is one of my friends' worst fears! Glad it turned out well for ya :)

    1. haha... yea, it actually didn't freak me out as much as I thought it would have. Like, if I heard the story from someone. I am indeed it worked out the way it did. :)


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