7QTs: I have a blog???

Oh hey... it's me.  The girl who only seems to write for her own series and Jen's 7 Quick Takes.  I don't know what has been happening lately... oh, that's right.  Traveling/vacationing/working.  That last one isn't very fun.  I am seriously going to try and be better.  Try... being the important word there.  Anywho... you are here for some Quick Takes.  By all means....

~ 1 ~
You guys.  Did you read my little post about the Borobia Fam... or most likely this one from Clan Donaldson????  Ok, well... click here and scroll down...
So many people... all over the world have donated.
It is so amazing and inspiring and really restores my hope in humanity.
It really, really does.  I mean, how many of the donators has Dwija or her family even met in real life? One... two... maybe more.  But, you get my point.  Mostly strangers, brought together through this amazing bloggy world by the Holy Spirit (there is no doubt in my mind, even if you don't believe in such things) to help our extended Christian family.
My heart wants to just burst with absolute excitement.

So, I can't wait to see the reno of the laundry room!!  That money will also be able to help out in so many other ways once Dwij has to be on bedrest... most likely in the hospital.
Continued prayers for the fam, please!

~ 2 ~
On a more sad/tragic note... we had a weird night at the hospital.  We didn't get these patients, and without giving too much detail, please pray for 2 separate families that lost their children.
I never met them, but my heart broke for them.
Death is so hard when it's SO sudden and with children.
Please keep them in your prayers.

~ 3 ~
I am so thankful for the littles that I have in my life and seriously cherish the time that I have with them.  I am so blessed to have Zuzu right down the street so I can hug and get snuggles from practically any time I want. :)

Or have a little chat!

~ 4 ~
And of course spend time with my caaaautie patootie niece, Charlotte!!
When I heard her say "Aunt Den" for the first time... I think I almost died from my heart bursting with joy!  It is just adorable.
Some pool time!
Some PlayPlace time!
Annnnd the only pic we have together.
She still sizes me up. :)
~ 5 ~
I didn't feel like running yesterday... so I did Jillian's cardio kickbox again.
Let me tell you... I sweat like crazy with that workout.  Holy moly!
It felt good, though.
AND, I ran 2.91 miles this morning!!!  SO CLOSE TO THREE!
It's the longest I have run so far.  Amazing.
Thank you for those who happened to say a few prayers for all that.  I seriously think it's what is keeping me going.  B/c in my head this really isn't happening... but my body just goes.
It just runs. #socrazy

~ 6 ~
So, then somehow I have let Mart convince me to run a 5k on July 4th.
Yes... in 5 days.  I will be running a 5k.
An official 5k that you run and have to get "packet" for.
Holy crap.  Seriously.  What is happening?
I am kind of excited... a little nervous.
I almost ran that today... I know that I can do it.
But, the whole running-in-an-official-race-for-the-first-time-EVER thing is juuuuust a wee bit intimidating.  
Ok, deep breath.
I can do it.

~ 7 ~
And maybe another few prayers?
It's kinda werid... um, b/c it's about my acne.
I have been trying the Oil Cleansing Method (found via Stephanie), and while I know any new skin care routine takes time to work, I really haven't seen much improvement at all.  I am not giving up, I will keep plugging along for a while.

But, b/c my acne is hormonal, it has to be something within that changes.  I have heard/read many a thing about changing your diet.  Namely, removing all things dairy.
... I love cheese.  And ice cream.  And NUTELLA.  And anything else that is awesome and yummy.
So, I ask for prayers to give me the courage to really try this out.  I am slowly taking away some dairy things in my house (by which I mean eat all the things) and then just NOT buy anything else.  

So... here goes nothing. :)

(BTW, I mention the 5K and changing my diet on this here blog b/c it will hold me accountable   So if in a few weeks you happen to think, oh hey Jen mentioned something on her blog about that 5k or diet change, I wonder how it's going.  And then you ask me... I will have to tell you.  I can't lie.  Ok, well, I guess I could.  Ohmygosh... hush, Jen.  You are tired and need to SLEEP!)

Thanks, Jen, as always for allowing me to link up late in the game!! :)
Have a joyous and fun weekend!


  1. You're at least better than me, I'm lucky if I post more than just for the NAS :P hoping to get some writing done while on vaca :)

    and I've also been working on a post about how much I LOVE the oil cleansing method. I have super super super oily skin and it's also been cystic and I've tried EVERYTHING. The OCM is the only thing that's worked as a 'natural' method. It's really sososo great. Praying that you have success as well!

  2. I know what you mean about having a neglected blog. Totally hear ya. And that picture of you and Zuzu is precious!

    1. Well, my dear... at least you have a bundle of preciousness as an excuse. I would say you are tad bit more busy than I over here. :)

      And, thank you! I can't get enough of her. hehe.

  3. I am training for a 5k too so I am with you sista, dripping sweat and working hard. I have some lactose sensitivity so that makes dropping dairy easier but I have been gradually making changes in my diet for over a year now and let me tell you it is so much easier to do it gradually than all at once. I know that darn acne-aren't we supposed to be grown out of this by now? I have found the best thing is variety in products. Also skincerity but it is pr.i.cy. Oh and btw this bloglovin' issue is a huge problem that I can't figure out and is super frustrating me. Do you know anything about RSS?

    1. Ohhhh!!! Good luck!! Let me know how your race goes!

      Yea... I think gradual is the best for the removing things from your diet. It would be so hard to just do it cold turkey. Especially with something like dairy b/c it's in EVERYTHING!

      I did notice that your posts did pop up in my Blogger feed... like a ton of recent ones, and maybe Bloglovin'? So, that is progress! And, I no nothing about RSS. Sorry, friend. Goooood luck!


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