Can you help??

Listen... I love helping people.  I really do... partly why I am nurse.

I have been following Dwija over at House Unseen for quite sometime... and I feel like I know her (I mean, isn't that what happens when you read blogs about people's lives?!).  She is hilarious, faithful and so incredibly positive.  It's truly inspiring.

I know many of you who read my blog may not follow her or even know who the heck she is, but please consider reading about what has been going on with her 6th babe in utero.  It's scary and intense and the doctors are offering her very little hope.  But, because Dwija is who she is... she has found hope!  She has found hope in Him and by so many others sharing their stories.  She is doing all she can to help keep her baby alive, all the while still being the best mom she can to her other kiddos, wife to her hubby and run their house!  It's a lot.  And she is just doing it.  Totally rocking it.

You know what would be super helpful?  If she didn't have to deal with her crazy laundry room.  I mean with a large family there has GOT to be a TON of flipping laundry.  Amiright?  It's hard to keep up with it in general, I am sure, but when you don't have a dryer or when water is leaking everywhere... things are that much more difficult.

So, the wonderful bloggy community is at it again thanks to Cari at Clan Donaldson.  Just a little fundraiser to help Dwij and her family in a small way with the laundry room.  Who knows what they will be able to do, but I know that anything will be helpful.

Please prayerfully consider helping the Borobia family with a wee bit of dinero (by clicking that link or the above links you will be taken to the Clan Donaldson blog where you will find the PayPal button to donate).  If you are unable, then pleasepleasepleaseplease say some prays for the babe.  And all of the Borobias.  It's completely affecting everyone. :)

And, thank you for listening and praying.
The End.

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