1. Babies in hampers.
I will never (eva eva) get sick of this kid. Ever.

2. A clean room.
Such a breath of fresh air ya know?!
Yes, that is a Nemo blanket you see there.
It was made for me by a friend my freshman year in college for Christmas.
Sweet, right?
 3. NEW KICKS!!!
My old ones were... just bad.  B/c I have been getting a bit more active lately, I needed better, more comfy shoes.  And these are SO PRETTY to boot!

4. New cut and color!!!!!
There is just something so magical about getting your hair done and then LOVING IT.
A little more confidence.  A little more bounce in your step.
I really need to work on not waiting EIGHT MONTHS to get my hair highlighted.
It ends with 3.5 hours at the flippin' salon. Oy.
4. Not Alone Series.
EEEEK!!! I cannot not express how excited I (and Morgan, too!) am about the response we have been getting.  It's so reaffirming to know that there are more ladies out there feeling like I am.  I am so happy that Morgan and I decided to just do this.
God has great things in store, I can just feel it.

Is this a plug? Maybe.. but it's my blog, so I can do what I want, yo.
Don't know what I am talking about... read my intro here.
Haven't decided if you want to link up, there is still time!
It's open for the next few days, so DO IT!!
Head on over to Morgan's to get it done. :)

Thanks to Hallie for hosting, as always!  Please visit her for more fun!


  1. Love the shoes and your haircut!! :)

  2. LOVE your hair! Really suits you. AND I'm having major room envy right now!!

    1. haha... thank you!! I really appreciate it. I feel like the pic makes my room look kind of mismatched, but in real life it doesn't look too weird. :)


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