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Prayer, prayer, prayer. (this is in the tune of da da da... from the VW commercial back in the day.  I may be dating myself here... check this out if you have NO idea what I'm talking about.  And then you can feel free to laugh at me all you want.  I insist.)

Oooook... where were we??  Ah, yes.  Prayer.

A little chat time with the Lord.  A little reflection time.  A little time to put things back in perspective.  Provides you with a little more strength, grace and even courage.  You get a little closer and even fall more in love with the Lord.  You can sit quietly or sing loudly.  Say whatever is on your mind or a beautiful Hail Mary.


Sounds awesome, right??  Well, because it is.  There is nothing like having some really great prayer time.  We need it... God desires it.

Yet, I find that I fall short.  Almost.... all.of.the.time.

I am currently writing this at the spur of the moment, when I should be getting ready to sleep (I just got off work and work again tonight), with no clear goal in mind.  I have been putting this off, actually.  A few days ago I was thinking "I have NOTHING to say about this topic."  I am not an example of a strong woman of prayer.  I don't have much to add to this part of our conversation.  I've got nothing to bring to the table.  So, what did I do??

I went to adoration.  And it was perfect.

We have perpetual adoration ay my church.  So awesome!

I didn't last long.  I was distracted.  I was almost falling asleep.

But the Lord was there, truly present just letting me be me.  I was just chatting with Him (out loud... I was the only person there!) going in a million directions.  And He let me.  He wasn't trying to tell me anything profound (I mean, how could He?!  I hardly let Him get in a word!), He was glad I was there.  Just crazy, random, babble-mouth me.  We hadn't had this time together in a while, and He was just happy to have me.

And you know what I realized?  I don't have to be the perfect prayer warrior for you guys either.  I am just me.  That's what I have to bring to the table.  And, it's ok.  It's true.  I struggle with being consistent.  I struggle with bringing all of my worries, doubts, fears and even joys, thanksgivings and praises to Him.

That's just me.

Do I want to be better?  Yes.  I am going to try.  Well, obviously.  I have access to 24/7 adoration, and I am going to have some more dates with Him.  I am going to be more intentional with my morning prayers.  Will they always be long, drawn out and super awesome?  No.  But, will I put my whole heart into the prayers I do say?  You betcha.

I may even begpleadforce Mart and her hubby, Tom, to have some praise worship adoration, too. Because, you guys, that's my absolute fave.  I feel the Lord's presence sooooo much when I am singing and worshipping Him.  So, here's hoping they agree!

Please forgive me for not having something profound (do I ever reallllly have something profound?) to say about prayer.  I will keep praying for each of you.  I will... I promise. :)

Hey... all of you married or already-in-the-religious-life people out there... you can chime in, too! :)  What do you have to say about prayer?!  Please don't be afraid. ;) (hint hint... you can link up, too if you so desire.)

Next week's topic:
What I Love About Being Single!
(this is more light-hearted, so have fun with it!  Whatever you want, as always!)

Link-up this week is being hosted by the loverly Morgan.  Head on over to see her and see what everyone else is up to!  See ya next week!


  1. Great post!! This series is awesome!

    Okay, so I LOVE P&W too. Lets get T&Mart do some with us before I leave!

    also, I asked Morgan this, but can I link up, even though I'm married and stuff? Either way, loving all these posts. Well done, friend!

    1. YES!!! To both!! I would LOVE to hay P&W with you before you go. That would be amazing! :)

      And, as I emailed ya earlier, please link-up!! The more perspectives we've got... I think, the better. Of course it doesn't have to be always, but whenever there is a topic that stirs your heart, then by all means! :)

    2. did I already ask you about linking up?? Haha! that shows you how much memory is left is brain of mine. nada. :)

  2. I'm totally with you on P&W during Adoration. SO GOOD


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