"Fried" Bananas!

Ok, I really don't know what has gotten into me... but, I wanted to share a recipe I found on Pinterest, that I ACTUALLY made... and really enjoy(ed). :)

I am one of those pinners that just pins things to pin them.  In my other world where I am Suzie Homemaker, I do ALL THE THINGS that I have pinned.  But in real life, I just pin things and gaze at them longingly.  And then I came across this recipe for "fried" bananas!

I was intrigued b/c 1) I LOVE BANANAS and 2) there are only 4 ingredients!  Only one of which I had to go to the store and buy (which was cinnamon if you were curious... cinnamon, Jen? Doesn't everyone already have that in their house? Well, yes... all of you who cook and bake and all that jazz. I am not one of you people.  So, no, I didn't have it and I had to buy it!)

I digress.

ANDDDDD, and and... it was super simple.  When it comes to cooking, I like simple.

SO, if you like bananas and sweet things... you will love this!

ALL that you will need:
1 Banana (a firm, green banana works best!)
'drizzle' of olive oil
1tbs honey
1tbs water
'sprinkle' of cinnamon

THAT'S IT!!!! :)

What do to:

  • Slice the banana to your desired thickness (the thinner they are the more crisp/burned they can be!)
  • Drizzle some olive oil in a frying pan/skillet (mine is non-stick, and from the comments on the original recipe that is what works best... and it does seem to work well) over medium heat.
  • Arrange banana onto pan and fry for 1-2 (really that's it!) minutes on EACH side.
  • While the first side is going, whisk together your 1tbs honey and 1tbs of water and set aside.
  • Make sure to flip over your banana slices!
  • Once they are done frying, remove from heat and promptly pour honey/water into pan. It SHOULD bubble up.
  • Once it's cool a bit... sprinkle cinnamon to your liking and then EAT 'EM UP!
This was my first attempt.  I used a regular, ripe banana.
It was pretty mushy the whole time.
When I poured the honey/water it really didn't do much of anything.
So, it was good... tasted AMAZING, but the texture/look of them were weird.

Then I tried again this morning!!
This time I used a green banana!
Wayyyyyy better.  Fried up quicker, the honey/water did that bubbling thing.
No more mushiness! Soft, yes, with a slight, slight crunch.
I am not sure how to make them crunchier!
But, I don't really mind.

THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! I think I could eat them all of the time.
Let me know if you try them!

Annnnd... now back to regular random blogging. :)


  1. Oh I pinned this too! And I definitely understand you on the whole Pin but don't do thing. I actually made a Pinterest board titled "Pinterest in Real Life" just so I could review what I had actually done. It's a very small board ...

  2. Can you do it with something other than a banana?


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