Quick Takes (31, I think!)

~ 1 ~
I feel like I have a blogger's block (like a writer's block)... I haven't been super inspired to write a whole lot of anything these days.  No idea why.  
Maybe I will take Jen up on her challenge of writing something every day next week.

~ 2 ~
It's currently 2:24 in the morning.
Why am I up, you may wonder?
Well, I am on call.  I slept all day yesterday with the anticipation of working all night.
But, when the census is low, they don't need all the nurses that are scheduled.
It was my turn (again) to be put on call, and then wait.
Wait and see if they need me.
It looks like they won't... 
and here is that annoying part of the night where I should want to sleep, but I am not that tired yet.
It's a fun little game.

~ 3 ~
I'm still running.
If you were curious.
I did 4.5 miles this morning yesterday morning (sleeping during the day/staying up messes with your head people. It's no joke).
Anyway, 4.5 miles!!! :)
Longest I've run so far... and it's exciting!

~ 4 ~

I was eating yogurt (oh, shoot! The next Take will be about the yogurt...) the other day and thought that maybeeeee some granola would be tasty.  I haven't always been into granola (although I do love me some granola bars), but when I saw the huge amounts of options at Whole Foods, I said to myself, "self, just try it! You might really enjoy it."
And you know what... I DO!
This Udi's brand is DELISH.  I haven't put it in my yogurt yet, but I have added to to the fruit salads I've been obsessed with.  I just want to eat it all of the time.

~ 5 ~
I mentioned recently that I was going try the whole dairy-free thing, but I reallllly love yogurt.
I went on a quest (albeit small) to find some good options that didn't include soy.
I looked online and found that Trader Joe's and Whole Foods had coconut milk yogurt.
TJ's was up first... eh. I wasn't impressed.
Whole Foods, you gotta help me out!
Oh, and they did!

I have tried the vanilla and strawberry.
Greek yogurt is my ffffffave... so when I saw the 'Greek style' my heart may have skipped a beat.
It's thicker than traditional Greek yogurt, but it is ohhhhh soooo good!
My heart and tummy are happy.

~ 6 ~
Huh... maybe I am getting a little sleepy now.
I keep getting distracted.

~ 7 ~
I've started praying my first novena to St. Anne! :)
First one. EVAH!
I've always been amazed by novenas, but never jumped on board.
It's been on my heart recently, so hopefully I am praying with the right intention in mind!

~ 7.5 ~
Please don't forget to say some prayers for the Borobias... who lost their youngest babe on Monday.
The funeral is today at 11am (central, I believe). Take a moment to be with them in spirit if you can.  And, a prayer for all of those who have lost a child and/or have a child suffering in some way.

Thanks Jen for hosting!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :)


  1. These are great. I'm very impressed with the running! That's incredible. And glad you found the happy-tummy-Greek-style-yoghurt. Sometimes it's the little things which make life great.

    Thanks for including the Borobias and reminding me to keep them in mind and heart today. Still devastated for them.

    1. Yea! It's always the little things, ya know. :) Oh my heart... I just feel so bad for Dwij and the fam. :(

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love novenas! And I'm praying the St. Anne one right now too!! Have you heard of praymorenovenas.com?

    1. Yea! That's where I got the novena I am praying. :) Woot!

  3. Hi Jen, I am a fan of Greek yogurt too! Isn't it great?! I was recently introduced to your blog by a good friend and I've been jumping in puddles ever since :) Praying that novena to St. Anne too. Know of my prayers for you too as you pray your first novena - congrats!

    1. Thank you!! I hope you enjoy what I've got going on here... just a little window into the crazy that I am! ;)

      And the novena is great!

  4. I'm going to try that yogurt again. I tried the TJ's and it wasn't great! And I'm dairy/soy free for nursing.

    1. Yea, I wasn't impressed with TJ's coconut yogurt, either. But, Whole Foods has a TON of the So Delicious brand yogurts... in soy and coconut. I am really liking them (coconut). Just a warning, if you want the Greek style... it is much thicker than traditional Greek yogurt. It still catches me off guard. :)

      Good luck! I hope you find something that is yummy and good for your babe!

  5. I can't imagine losing a baby. Thanks for sharing the story so I can pray.

    Your granola makes me want to try making my own again. Note to self: look up the recipe before grocery run today...

    1. Oohhhh.. you make your own?! That is so amazing. I am so impressed by people that are so crafty in the kitchen. Have fun! Let me know how it goes!


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