7QTs: SURPRISE Edition!

~ 1 ~
My alarm was set for 0255 this morning (I had an early flight out here to KS PLUS, I like to be early)... I woke up this morning for whatever reason and thought to myself, "I bet I only have 5 minutes until my alarm goes off! Ugh." So, I checked and it was 2 minutes PAST 3AM!
Thank you, Jesus, that I just woke up!
I got ready and was out the door a little past 4.

~ 2 ~
Well, I really over estimated my time.
Only one car... ONE car passed me from my house alllll the way to the longterm parking lot.
Dropped my car off, hopped on the shuttle and was through security before 5am.
And there was absolutely no one there.
Nothing was open.
It was nuts.
I guess I could have slept in a little more. :)

~ 3 ~
I would have Tweeted, FB'd or 'Grammed all about my traveling per usual...
BUT... my SIL, Em, follows me on all of them.
And SHE was the one I was surprising this weekend.
It was a nice little break from social media... except for the whole continuing to look at everything part.  Oh well.

~ 4 ~
I made it to KS with no problems.
Matt picked me up and we went straight to the "fun park" as my niece calls the gymnastics gym that has trampolines and foam pits and bounce houses to play in.
Charlie was already there with Pam (Matt and Em's good friend) and Emmett.
Then we hung out and tried not to be suspicious... well, Matt tried not to be suspicious when talking with Em. :)  Fun times.
Sliding down the the bounce house; post-nap jumping onto the
couch; riding in the car
 ~ 5 ~
When Charlotte is in her turf... she is WAY more open to hanging out and chatting with Auntie Jen.  She chats with me.  Laughs.  Acts silly.
Seriously my heart might explode from pure joy whenever I hear "Aunt Jen! Aunt Jen!"
I have waited for quite some time for her to say that and really know that it's me.
It's just SO fun.  I really feel like I am her aunt now and we can really build our relationship!
I even got a picture!!!
~ 6 ~
Because I was surprising Em... and Matt said he had a "gift" for her today, I decided to get some bows and put them on my head. :)
I am so cool.
~ 7 ~
And THEN... Em finally got home from work where we could actually
pic collage courtesy of Matt.
I think we were successful!
Em, I can't wait to celebrate YOU and my newest niece!
I am so happy to be here... I hope that you were surprised!

For more Quick Takes, please go visit Jen and the gang!
Have such a wonderful and blessed weekend e'rbody!

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