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So, I have decided to go dairy-free to help with my hormonal acne.  I have done a LOT of reading about this, and there is a big link between dairy and women who suffer from the hormonal, cystic, painful acne that I do.  Women who have eliminated dairy from their diet have seen a HUGE difference in their acne.

Because I have tried a tooooooooon of stuff since I was a teen (and birth control being the only thing that made my face look great and have stopped it for good), I thought why don't I just try this!  Once I made the decision to do it is when the sense of loss of some reeeeeally great food became a reality.  :(  It was sad! ha.  But, it really hasn't been that hard for me.

I wanted to share some things that I have found to be free of the dairy AND deeeelicious!  Disclaimer:  I am not into the whole clean eating thing or what not. SO, if you are looking for a really REALLY healthy diet over here, you won't get it.  I still eat processed things.  Sue me. Oh, and a lot of the dairy-free things are also gluten-free.  I haven't intentionally been avoiding gluten, too.


(I am not a milk person in general, so this was not hard for me. But, I do love chocolate milk!)
Serving Size: 1 cup; WW PointsPlus: 3
Where to buy: local grocer, most likely; Whole Foods
Serving Size: 1 cup; WW PointsPlus: 3
Where to buy: Whole Foods
Good, but the almond milk is better!
(I love yogurt, especially greek yogurt, so this was hard for me! BUT, I found SO Delicious Yogurts!)
Serving Size: 1 container; WW PointsPlus: 3-4
Where to buy: Whole Foods
Once I found these, I really haven't tried any others.  Their regular yogurts are pretty good, too... a little bit thinner than normal dairy yogurt, but still good!

(In quotes because cheese is cheese BECAUSE it's made with dairy!)
I love cheese.  Love it. This was a huge loss (still is!) for me.
Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law who encouraged me to try a non-dairy cheese (doesn't that just sound gross?), I discovered Daiya.
It's made from tapioca and cassava.  It melts and stretches. 
And, I have to say... it's pretty good.
Slice- Serving size: 1 slice; WW PointsPlus: 2
Shreds- Serving size: 1/4 cup; WW PointsPlus: 2
Where to buy: Whole Foods; your local grocer if you are lucky!
Ok, so nothing will ever be as good as real cheese.  But, Daiya does a good job.  I have had the Provolone slice on a turkey sandwich.  Added the cheddar shreds to some eggs and made nachos the other night.
It's different.  It really is.  When melted, it's very creamy.
But, for being a cheese-like food, I am satisfied. :)

(when you click there and see the pic, it looks different than the pic below. I don't know why. What I buy in the store looks like this pic right here!)
Serving Size: 24 pretzels; WW PointsPlus: 4
Where to buy: Whole Foods; local grocer
Martha's mom (hi Jen!!) introduced these to me, and they are AMAZING! Seriously.  For those doing WeightWatchers, the 24 pretzels are a satisfying amount, but be careful b/c you really can just keeping eating them!

Graham Crackers!
Really... dairy free and DELISH!
I have put a little peanut butter and some honey on them for a snack. MmmMmm.
Serving Size: 1 full cracker; WW PointsPlus: 2
Where to buy: ANY grocery store

Serving Size: 1/4 cup; WW PointsPlus: 3
Where to buy: ugh, Whole Foods! Sorry.
I found Udi's Vanilla Granola on a whim one day at Whole Foods, and thought I would try it!
I love it on fresh fruit and mixed in with one of the yogurts! It really is SO good. :)

Frozen Desserts
What I have found and loved are alllll SO Delicious Coconut Milk items.
Here are two:
Serving Size: 1/2 cup; WW PointsPlus: 5
Where to buy: Whole Foods
Serving Size: 1 sandwich; WW PointsPlus: 2!!
Where to buy: you got, Whole Foods!
Both of these are TO DIE FOR! :) Yum, yum, yum.

And there you have it!  I hope this helps anyone who is looking for things that are yummy and satisfying AND dairy-free.  Let me know what you have found OR if you have tried any of these things! :)

Ok, and clearly I am a Whole Foods shopper now.  If you don't have one near you, check out the brand's website to see where you can buy them!

Thank you to Hallie for graciously allowing me to bombard Five Favorites with all things dairy-free! :) Happy Wednesday!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Silk pure almond dark chocolate, I am not much of a milk drinker but I love this. I can also say good things about the glutino, very addictive
    I'm not sure about the "cheese" though, I don't even like the "real" processed cheeses.
    Good luck with you dairy-free.

    1. Oh my gosh... I know. I love it! :) And thank you... I will need all the extra help I can get. :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! I suffer from acne and have never experimented with diet changes (more behavioral...like new side of the pillowcase, new face towel every day), but I do like the way I feel when I limit dairy. I also want to commend you on posting so many products that are not soy. You may already know this, but I have this compulsion to make sure everyone understands: soy acts like an estrogen. Excessive amounts of soy in the diet can cause infertility in young women and affect the growth and development of babies and prepubescent girls. If you're chucking out BPA-laden plastic for that very reason, then also look at your diet. And your medication. /rant

    1. hahahha... yes. Too be honest I didn't know the specific reasons why soy is bad (thank you for that tidbit), but I just knew it wasn't good. Plus, soy kind of freaks me out. I automatically think of tofu.. and tofu also weirds me out. Blah. So, the things that I know are reaaaalllly made with soy, I will avoid.

      Now, I am not good at it with everything. As you can tell, I still eat a lot of processed things. So, the soy gets in there every now and then. But, I am trying!

      As far as the acne goes... it's been rough. I seriously have tried everything under the sun, and the pill was THE only thing that helped. I have heard great things about removing dairy... so we shall see. It's been maybe a month... and it can take a bit for things like this to make any sort of change. Anyway, good luck with your acne stuff!! Let me know what other things you find!

  3. I need to get on that ice cream. I can't eat it while nursing my son :/

    1. Oh no! Then, if you love ice cream... seriously, try So Delicious! IT IS AMAZING!!! You will fall in looooove, and maybe not even go back to regular ice cream!

  4. Since oats are g-free, making your own granola is really easy with whatever nuts and fruit you have on hand! I love looking at all those schmancy goodies in Whole Foods, but I'm always trying to find cheaper ways to enjoy them, so DIY-ing it is a good substitute =)

  5. Okay, so maybe I am out of the loop, but aren't eggs dairy? I am proud of you for sticking to this. It would be super hard for me as I love all things dairy!


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