NAS: Icebreaker!

I feel like this week we are doing an icebreaker.  Ya know those silly, fun, sometimes annoying, games that we do when we are with a new group of people??  Yea... that's what this is.  Except, we kinda of know quite a bit about each other already, but not the basics.

When Britt gave Morgan and I this idea... we thought, perfect!  It makes you all seem more real, ya know?  Even if you don't participate with the NAS every week, we still want to hear what you have to say!! When I pray for you guys, these things make me feel like we are actually friends! haha  So, I will list the questions (we added a few more, so be sure to copy them from here or Morgan's!) and then answer them. Have fun!!

~ Age
~ Area of country 
(no need for specific location on the interwebz)
~ Are you working? If so, what do you do? Or, are you in school? What are you studying?
~ Family (let's see some pics!)
~ How did your parents meet?
~ Confirmation Saint
~ Favorite Gospel?
~ # of previous relationships?
(ya know, that required a FB status change!)
~ Top 3 qualities you are looking for in your hubby
(b/c, hey, maybe we can help each other out! Cousin? Coworker?)
~ Online dating experience? Advice?
~ Advice for a single lady
(in tweet-like fashion, 140 characters or less)
~ What is your fave thing to do outside of blogging and work/school?

Age: 28 years young, people.
Area of country: Southwest Florida (if you are in this part of the country... email me! We can meet up IRL)

Are you working, etc?: YES! I just finished my LAST nightshift at the hospital on Friday (thanks be to God, literally.) and started my NEW JOB as a school nurse yesterday! Please continue to pray!

Me and my beautiful Momma

Family: I love my family... and have the best one. :)
My daddy and I at Starbucks... per usual.

How did your parents meet?  Hmm... I am pretty sure they met at an Amway function back in the early '80s. I should ask them again.  It wasn't super dramatic or movie-like, I don't think  ha.  BUT... a good story is how my mom and her better half (boyfriend, significant other, other half...) met. Now, THAT is a good one.  I'll share that at the end. :) (my parents divorced when I was 7, to give you a better context. Didn't want you to think we had some weird polygamy thing going on around these parts! :) )
Surprisingly I don't have many pics of my brother and I, sadly.  Or with my SIL. :(  The next time I am there, I really need to remedy that situation.  BUT... I have tons with my cuter than cute niece, Charlotte! :)  I just love her to pieces.   
Now, if you would like to see more pics of my awesome fam... please click on the Who? tab above!

(Sorry if that format looks weird... I just wasted spent an incredibly long time trying to make it look pretty... and it still looks... unpretty. Oh well)

Confirmation Saint: St. Therese of Lisieux
 Yes, I actually took these photos IN Lisieux, France. 
I went on an incredible pilgrimage throughout France back in 2007.

Favorite Gospel: umm.... all of them? Oh gosh, I am embarrassed to say that I don't really have one. Ugh, I fail at being good Catholic that is all about the bible. :(

Number of previous relationships: Um, like.. 2. 
Top 3 qualities in my future hubby: I am going to assume that this is BESIDES being Catholic?? :) I'll say... a spiritual leader, funny, loves kids.
Online dating experience: HA... yes, I feel I have talked about this a TON before. :)  Here and here are some of my frustrations.  I know online dating works, and I do have faith in the process.  My experience hasn't been all that positive.  I think after this subscription ends, I will be letting it go.  I think it will be better for me.  My advice: patience and persistence.  If you haven't had a connection with a guy, don't freak out.  It can take time and little bit of active persistence.  ALSO... don't email and email and email (thinking you do have such a wonderful connection and all that) for a long period of time.  When you do finally meet and there isn't an actual connection... it's really hard.  You feel like an idiot for spending so much time and getting to know this person for what? Nothing, it seems.  So, if you DO have a connection, I would advise talking on the phone or meeting up sooner (like within 2 weeks, less if the email exchange is pretty frequent) rather than dragging the emails on. Good luck!!! 

Advice for singletons in a tweet-like fashion: 
Fall in love with the Lord, always be yourself, never give up hope. 
Oh, and meet new people! Enjoy your life now! #adviceforsingleladies

Fave thing to do outside of blogging and work: hm... hanging out at Martha's, eating her realllly good food, and hanging with the babe! :)  I can also say... running (I don't know if it would be a fave, but it's something else I do!), laughing, visiting Jesus in Adoration, OH! and going to the beach!

Well, there you have it! :)  I can't wait to get to know you ladies better!

{Oh and here is the story of how my mom and Paul met: Let's see, back in 2004 (right mom?!), my mom was working at the school, she is a (now-retired) juvenile probation officer, when she had to drop some paperwork off for her intern at the UMd campus down the street.  When she was walking out of the building, this random gentleman stopped her and said something along the lines of, "I let you walk by once, I can't let you walk by again. Come have coffee with me!"  Of course my mom was a little taken aback, but was intrigued so she said YES! :) They ended up having lunch and then she dropped him off at the airport (ha... Paul was only in town from MN visiting his daughter who was getting her PhD at the time and was leaving that day).  They emailed and phoned each other pretty consistently and I got a call from her one day telling me she was going out to visit for one of the long weekends!  And, well, that was that!  They have been together ever since!! :)

Isn't that a fun story?!  I love it.  Mom, did I miss anything big?  Or did I get things wrong?!}

September 3 (I canNOT believe it's September...):
Follow the Peace
(a followup to my post on following the peace a while ago.
What brings you peace? Are you able to do those things?
If not, what's preventing you?)

September 10:
Is it possible for a woman to pursue a man?
(what do you think about THAT?!)

Please let us know what other ideas you all have! :) See ya next week!


  1. I really likes this topic, so nice to get to know everyone a little better!

  2. Your niece is a cutie and I see some of you in her. St Therese is one of my favourite saints, would love to go on a pilgrimage there.

  3. Your niece is PRECIOUS! And I LOVE the photograph of Thérèse asking her father's permission to enter Carmel. Such a precious moment between the two!

    God bless you!

  4. St. Therese is my confirmation saint as well! So cool you went to Lisiuex, France! I keep telling people when I go to Europe I want to go there just b/c and they are like there's nothing to see mom says there is probably a church or something. I'm sill in my beginning stages of planning this adventure.


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