Quick Takes Friday: So Thankful

Og my gosh... you guys.  THANK YOU so very much for your kind and encouraging words about my new job!! :)  I am so thankful for the support through this here bloggy world.  I apologize about not responding directly to each of you.  It's been a little crazy over here.  But, please know that each comment and prayer made me smile and is SO appreciated.
Could I ask for for a few more prayers, maybe?  Tonight is my LAST shift at the hospital (PTL!!), and I begin my first day as a school nurse on Monday.  You know what's happening? Doubt and fear are creeping in.  God has been ALL over this new job happening and it's so so so good.  The devil doesn't like that, ya know... and wants to ruin it.  So, enter in... doubt.  Worry.  Fear that I can't do it.
The unknown is never fun.  And, I don't like change... so this type of reaction may be just a leeeetle normal for me.  BUT, that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.
So, if you happen to have a few extras leftover prayers, would you mind saying some for me?!
Thank you veryveryvery much. :)
I need running music help!!!!!
I have come to realize that dance/fast moving/get your groove on type music isn't what I enjoy. In fact it almost makes a wee bit angry. Eeek.
What I have been reallllly loving while I run is Mumford&Sons! I just listen to their whole album on shuffle... and it's perfect.
So, any of you music loving people... please provide me some suggestions!!
Amanda, I saw what YOU'RE listening to on your 7QTs (get out of my head, btw)... have any more suggestions?!
I noticed one day that Jen had linked back to a specific Quick Take on one of her posts, and I thought "wow! That is so cool! I want to do that!" Ha... well, that didn't work out so well.
And THEN! I noticed that she updated her link-up description box and do you know what it says:
NEW FEATURE NOTE: The 7 Quick Takes template (which you can find here) now includes links on each number, so you can link to your individual takes. 
WHAT?! Oh my gosh!  SO... I decided to try it this week.  So, from here on out... I can link back to some profound (HA!) Quick Take in a future post. 
I already feel more like a sophisticated blogger!
Thanks, Jen!!
I am not ashamed to admit...
that I am pretty darn bummed that I will NOT be attending the Backstreet Boys concert in Tampa this weekend.
There will always be a special place in my heart for them.
I never share links on here... but, I came across a few good posts in the last month or so and thought I would share:
Love in the Time of Toelrance by Rhaki @ The Pitter Patter Diaries
(an awesome reflection on what it means to love)
Sexual Abuse by Mrs. Chastity @ Catholic Sex
(a great post if you or you know someone who suffers from abuse)
Why I Love My Husband: Anniversary Edition by Kathryn @ Team Whitaker
(an awesome and inspiring post about her marriage)
Frustration is a guest post on The Veil of Chastity
(awesome post about those frustrations we sometimes feel in our singlehood!)
And some pics... just because I can! :)
I FINALLY got to see and hold and squeeze this babe
after TWO weeks of not seeing her.
Man, did it feeeeel good! :)
I had a wonderful time in Miami last weekend
with Jennine and her hubby, David!! 
Last on call shift... I'd say it was spent well. :)
Pretty moon on my run the other morning!
For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary! Thanks, Jen!
Happy Weekend, errrrbody!


  1. Prayers are on their way, FOR SURE. Doubt and fear are from the devil! When in doubt, just start shouting the St. Michael prayer (it does wonders for me)! Tell Satan where he can go!

    Music...I've been running to Luke Bryan's new CD because I got it last week and just can't stop listening to it. I also really enjoy OneRepublic's album "Native" - it has fun songs to run to without being so in your face about it. I have a feeling I'm going to break down and buy Ben Rector's new CD before the weekend is over. THAT is my kind of running music: Ben Rector, Tyrone Wells, Dave Barnes. All good, wholesome songwriters. Fabulous stuff. :)

  2. I need running music ideas too!! I will have to check back to see all the ideas you get!

  3. What Amanda said - I'm a huge fan of the St. Michael prayer too, sometimes on repeat when I am especially fearful or immersed in doubt. I am so excited for your new job, and given this bout of fear, I think big good things are ahead. I'm also a big believer that the devil doesn't fight when nothing good is coming, and that the more God's will lies ahead, the harder the evil one fights. So, yay for great things ahead!!

    I'm so humbled you shared that link, too...thanks!

  4. Oh! And thanks for sharing that template from Jen...very helpful!

  5. Thanks so much for linking to my site! I'd love to answer any questions singles have about sexuality, or even physical love within non-marital relationships (engagement, dating, etc.)!

  6. Thank you for the link love, Jen! I am about to start my Divine Mercy Chaplet and will put you at the top of the list. I have to check out Jen's 7QT link. Thanks again! Cindy

  7. I see you're a forever Backstreet girl like me...so maybe you'll appreciate that the 90s Pop Pandora station is really good for workouts! Definitely praying for your new job =)

  8. I just saw this! I'm so behind...lol! So for running music I've complied quite a random playlist of songs that just keep me entertained and motivated while I run so I hope there's some on here that may help:

    -Chase this light by Jimmy Eat World
    -Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback
    -Waka Waka by Shakira
    -Dark Beat by Oscar G and Ralph Falcon
    -Have a nice day by Bon Jovi (really anything by Bon Jovi is awesome for running)
    -Danza Kuduro by Don Omar
    -Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall by Coldplay
    -The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
    -It's Time by Imagine Dragon
    -Hope Will Lead Us On by Barlow Girl
    -Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin
    -Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip Philips
    -Pomeii by Bastille
    -Touch the Sky from the movie Brave (Mumford and Sons has a song from Brave called Learn me Right)
    I have a lot of Mumford and Sons too but you already know those ;)


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