Serious Randomness... and TAG!

Wow... my mind is a little... mushy.  I watched For Greater Glory this afternoon at Mart's... and boy, did I bawl.  I mean... practically heaving.  Such a GREAT movie.  So powerful.  But, so so emotional.  And, it kinda freaks me out to think that religious freedom can be stripped away at any time.  Anywhere.  May the Lord continue to protect and guide us... that we (whoever you are... Christian/non-Christian/Jewish/Muslim/etc) can be able to practice and live our faith freely, but boldly.

Pray for Egypt.

I should be working on my Not Alone Series post for tomorrow... but, I just can't at this moment.  After an AWESOME weekend in Miami (where I did NOT run into Juan Pablo... DARN IT!) and getting a wee bit nervous about my new job (orientation is tomorrow morning, which makes all of this real. It's actually happening)... I am not in the place to write about something so important and so special to me... the love of friendship.  So, for those that care, I hope to have that up tomorrow afternoon.

So, what I thought I would do is something a little less mind engaging and answer some questions.  Amanda tagged me in... what are we calling it??  Tag?  Ok... yea.  Well, she tagged me and I am It!  I love Q&A's... and I love getting to know people better!  So, here goes nothing!  Also, I feel like Coll also tagged me in something very similar... but I can't find it. So, I hope this makes up for it, Colly!  If this is boring for you, continue on and come back tomorrow!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a pic of yourself and then write 11 things about you/your life.
3. Answer the questions for you set in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tagged people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/Twitter to tell them you tagged them.

Ok, rule 1... done.

I just love this pic of me and my niece. :)
Hmmm... 11 things about me.  Well, let's see where this goes.
  1. Orange is my fave color.  I actually fell in love with it when I wore an orange dress to homecoming in high school.  It looked great on me! :)
  2. I love airports.  I love the people watching and the anticipation of going somewhere. I never mind getting to the airport early!
  3. I really cannot wait to have a dog again one day.  
  4. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who DO NOT merge correctly onto the highway. Oh, sometimes I get heated.
  5. I love to smile at people... and always get a little bummed when they don't smile back.
  6. If I could have one talent in the world it would be able to dance.  SYTYCD inspires me on so many levels... it's a beautiful performing art, I just wish girls didn't have to dress so immodestly all the time.
  7. Change freaks me out. (pray for my new job!)
  8. I love thunderstorms.
  9. Sometimes its harder for me to watch animals getting hurt/dying in action movies than it is for me to watch the people.
  10. I over think and over analyze things... sometimes to a fault.
  11. I love to cuddle... with my friends, significant other, pet.  It doesn't matter.
Amanda's q's to me:

What is your favorite thing to blog about, or which is your fave post?
Well... I mean, I love to blog about anything.  I don't think that I have one specific subject that I love.  Lately it's a lot about the single life, but that makes sense b/c it's my state in life.  And, I don't think I have a fave post either.  Hmm... I am not starting off too well with these questions!

Who is your favorite band at the moment?
Well, I am really loving Mumford and Sons... and Fun.  I am not a HUGE music person... I get into one particular artist/band and listen to them for a whiillle and then something else comes along.  I am not one of those people who connects songs with time periods or events in my life.  I never have been, but I think it's pretty cool that people can do that!

If you were going to die tomorrow and you could go anywhere before you died, where would you spend your last day on Earth?
Hmm... well, really anywhere.  The only stipulation?  That ALL of my family and really close friends were there with me.  I would be satisfied if that were the case.  But, if I had to choose a place... the beach.  Or the beach in Greece.  With all those people.  That would be great! :)

What is your favorite prayer outside of Mass?
Liturgy of the Hours.  

What song or movie do you turn on at the end of a bad day?
Hmm.. I am not really too sure.  I don't really have music that I turn to... or a movie either.  I am a channel surfer for the TV... or I get lost in the interwebs.  Or... I vent/hash things out with my mom or a friend.  That's usually how I wind down.  Talking it out.

Which season of the year is your fave and why?
Well, if I was in DC... spring!!  It's gorgeous.  Things are blooming again!  Really, all the seasons have their pluses in DC.  It's great!  But, here in Florida... winter.  It's amazing down here during the winter months.  Little, if any, rain.  Blue skies.  Sometimes the temps can reach the low 40s at night... that's my idea of a winter right there!

Which liturgical season is your fave and why?
Hmmmm.... I am gonna say... Easter.  It's what makes Christians... Christians, ya know?  Plus, I love welcoming so many people into the Church at that time.

Would you rather be taking pictures or being in the pictures?
BOTH!  I love trying to capture moments, but I am a HUGE ham... and I like to be in them, too. :)

What is the best deal you have ever gotten on a piece of clothing and what did you buy?
Oh gosh... no idea.  My mom is WAY better at this stuff than me.  I am sure there is something.  But, I am gonna say my cute nude Nine West heels... I got them from Martha... for free!!  I love free things!! And good friends giving me their things!

What is the best piece of advice/wisdom you have ever heard from your mother?
Um.. there are so many things.  Gosh... how can I just pick just one?  I might have to come back and answer this once I have pondered a bit more.  My mom is awesome, and always says great and wonderful things!

If you could go back in time 5 years and tell yourself one thing, what would you tell your younger self?
Hmmm... 5 years... I would be 23.  Let's see... I would tell myself, do more mission trips!! If you want to do a longer term mission, GO NOW!  Also, get more involved with young adult activities.  Don't be so shy and worry about not being the best Catholic.  Oh and... stop worrying about being married.  B/c well, it doesn't actually happen when you think it will... so, just enjoy life! Meet people! Love Jesus! Pray more!

MY questions:
  1. If you could go to ANY country RIGHT NOW, where would you go?
  2. Are you a toilet paper up or down kinda person?
  3. Fave Catholic speaker?
  4. Do you like Facebook or Twitter better?
  5. What is one or two pieces of jewelry you wear everyday?
  6. Describe your perfect sandwich.
  7. Would you rather drive, fly or take a train somewhere?
  8. Beach or snow?
  9. Fave thing about your home?
  10. What do you think about tattoos? Would you get one?
  11. If you were going to go out with your girlfriends... what would you want to do?  Dinner? Drinks? Dancing?
Annnnnd... TAG... you're it!!
Martha @ Shiny Happy Catholics
Colleen @ Modern Catholic Momma
Kristin @ Team Boda
Jordan @ Occasional Humor (I know Morgan tagged you... but I thought this would give you MORE motivation to come back!!)
Jennine @ My Life, Thoughts, Journey...
Natalie @ Here I Am...

Ok... no pressure to do this!! It's just fun and random... especially if you need something to blog about! :)

On that note... I am going to sleep.  This has taken wayyyy longer than I wanted!
Sweet dreams and blessings!


  1. I love this and I totally approve of your use of the word "ham"! Ditto! :)

    1. haha I definitely misread that as "I have a HUGE fam"

      but I like "ham" better ;)

  2. Ok girl...I'm going to do this tag thing but not sure exactly how to tag other people lol


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