Work Update + An Opinion!

Yup... it's official! :)

Well... it's Thursday.  Tomorrow is Friday and I will have completed my first week of my new job!!  I can't believe it!  I have to say... I think I am really going to love it!  Right now, it's just a lot.  Like anything new... there is a lot that you don't know, a lot that you have to learn and new people to remember.  By the time 2130 (or 9:30pm for you regular clock folk), I am crashing.  Ready to hit the sack and sleep for.ev.errrrr.

It's nuts.

Let's see... what have I dealt with this week??  Well, besides all the paperwork and behind the scenes stuff (meaning everything that doesn't involve direct contact with the kiddos), I have seen lice, teeth falling out, bathroom accidents, "chest pain," tummy aches, bumps and scrapes... oh, and fights! ha. One of my schools is pretty rough and they had 4... FOUR fights in one day.  I think it's safe to say that no day will ever be the same! :)

All the new that comes with the job... also comes with balancing my life.  When do I run?  How do I actually make WeightWatchers work for me now that I don't have to eat basically all my meals at night?  When do I get to talk to my family and friends?  When will I be able to volunteer or get involved more at church?  Or, hang out with the babe??
After work my first day!
Yes... I know, I have only just started.  Just as the weeks go by and my work life makes more sense, so will my regular life.  I am so looking forward to having a grasp on both!

Please continue to pray!  I really appreciate all the love and support from you guys.  It really, really means the world to me. :)  I am just so thankful to God for giving me this opportunity.  I can't even explain how He has just obviously been with me every step of the way.  He is so good, that God of ours!

Oh... and for kicks!
Ignore the weird face.
What do you think of aviators on me?!  Be honest.  I am more of a bigger, rounder framed sunglass wearer (look on top of my head).  But, I was at Charming Charlie the other day and tried a pair of aviators.  They look so cute on everyone else!  I am not sure I like them.  I can't tell if it's more b/c I don't wear glasses like that, or if they just look bad.

Let me know!!

And with that... it might be an earlier than normal bedtime for this girl!
Blessings and sweet dreams!!


  1. I like the aviators! I think they look good on everyone though because they just look cool haha. So maybe I'm not the best person to answer. But I like them! And I'm an early bed person as well :)


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