A humbled thank you.

Ok... wow.

I mean... when I wrote that post on Sunday, I was just writing.  Putting it alllll out there... making it real.  Giving me an out to stop hiding (and worrying my family and friends!).  I needed to do something that was kind of big and will hold me accountable.  And what's the most obvious choice?!

Dealing with your crap on the interwebz... obviously.


Anywho.  Thank you.  Thank you to all of you who took the few minutes to read it.  Thank you for all of your comments*.  Thank you for your emails*.  Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your love.

Mostly... thank you for reaching out and not turning away, thinking I was completely cray.

I am feeling a bit more uplifted.  Lighter.  Like I can breathe a bit easier.

I have to work on quite a bit of stuff... but that's for me.  I won't bore you and divulge all those nitty gritty details.  I promise. ;)  But, if any of you had any tinge of worry (but why would you, we hardly know each other!), I wanted to tell you that I am ok.  And, I will be bustin' through the fog soon.

My mom came for an impromptu visit, even!! :)
We haven't seen each other since MAY!  Ugh.  So, this will be some much needed mom and daughter time!  Love you mom, thanks for coming!! :)

*I will try to respond to all you... just be a little more patient!! THANKS!


  1. I love how blogs connect you with people you wouldn't know otherwise - and just when you need it. Praying for you!

  2. love and prayers! thank YOU for your vulnerability!

  3. After you and Martha said a few times about me being MIA on blogspot I was finally able to sit and read through both your blogs. First, I'm sorry I didn't read sooner. But I'm glad it seems you're doing better and I have been praying for you :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow and spend some time with you! I thought you writing that blog was you showing how strong you really are to just put it out there. We all have moments (I call them "blah moments") when we feel stuck and worried about life and not many of us are willing to share them and be so real about it. I'm always willing to listen and you are always in my prayers girly! Love you!


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