A (little more than a) Week in Pics!

Here we are again... Sunday evening when I should already be tucked in bed, but I wanted to blog about something other than NAS. :)  Therefore you get some pics!  Enjoy!
Mom and I enjoyed some beach time. :)
It was a perfect day. 
Thanks to Whole Foods, I can FINALLY get a PSL
like normal people b/c they use ALMOND MILK!!!

A cloudy, yet still pretty beach sunset the night before
Momma left!

Fell in love with this cute owl candle holder thing from
Bath and Body Works!

Mom went to Christmas Eve Mass last year at the Basilica in MSP...
and they gave this book out to everyone! So, she gave it to me!

This may or may not be Zuzu's first year of life...
in Instagram photos...

First gift from a student...
hand painted ring!! :)

Zuz was choosing this night's entertainment...

She thinks she is SO  big now, that she doesn't
have to sit in her carseat. ;)
Don't you love those leggings?!

A little DC reppin' going on here! :)

Went to a fun farmer's market!
I am SUCH a sucker for the jewelry they have there.
I just can't say no.

And... guess who made dairy-free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
They are... aaaaaamazing!

Yea... I have a pretty great life. :)

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  1. The instagram quilt is too much! (And I miiiiss the water!)


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