NAS: Can a Woman Pursue a Man?

I feel like this week's topic and the whole being-friends-with-guys thing are two topics that can generate some serious opinions, and differing ones at that.  I am super intrigued to read what everyone thinks about women pursing guys.

So, is it possible?  Should a girl take things into her own hands?

I actually don't have much to say on this because I truly believe that we, as woman, are worth pursuing.  A guy should be the one to make the effort, to take that step, to fight for us.

Now, I realize that the culture we live in doesn't actually make this easy for them.  Women today are more independent, career oriented, outspoken, etc.  These are all good things, but when it takes away from what God's intention is of our feminine hearts... it can be a little off-putting.  Our hearts are meant to be pursued, to be sought after, to be loved.  God does all He can to pursue us... in the Mass, with the Eucharist, with all the beauty around us.  If we are open to it, He can completely knock us off our feet!

Same thing with men.  Our hearts are meant to be sought after, and the heart of a man is meant to fight for us!  We have to be open to it.  We have to believe that we are worth it... because we totally are.

Yes, sometimes we might have to help them out by letting them know we are interested.  Because of our culture today, so many men are knocked down from pursuing us, they are constantly getting rejected.  The more rejection, the less they want to try.  It's a sad thing, really.

So, I get it... I get letting them know you are interested, starting the first conversations, hinting at getting together, etc.  But, if that guy is interested, he better be trying to win your heart!  Asking YOU out.  Planning things for YOU and doing all that he can to woo YOU! :)  And, honestly, if he isn't doing any of those things, he most definitely is not interested, and you don't want to get involved.

You can call me old-fashioned or traditional or stuck in the '40s... it won't bother me.  I believe there are good men out there who want to pursue us, they just need to be reminded that they can, AND that we will hold them to it!

What do you think??  Do you think we, as ladies, can pursue the guy?  Or, are you more like me?  I can't wait to hear!

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Morgan and I are so still SO thrilled that the Not Alone Series is still going so well. :)  Have you been enjoying it?  Do you think anything needs to change?  Frequency of posts still good?  Is letting you know the topics ahead of time helpful?  We just like to check-in every so often to make sure this is actually fruitful for you.  We are always open to other ideas/changes/suggestions.  Please don't hesitate to email/comment/tweet/sos/anything. :)

Edit to add: IT'S MY ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!!!!! How the HECK did that happen?!


  1. There are so many interesting topics coming up ... Can't wait!

  2. I am like you more and more. I've seen what happens when I'm not, and it has never been as satisfying. :P And I LOVE these upcoming topics!

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being traditional, which is not the same as stuck in the '40s. Personally I prefer to be traditional myself. I love your reference to Mass and the Eucharist.

  4. I should probably just delete what I wrote and reblog your post. You put all of my thoughts on screen and soooo much more eloquently than I could. I like being counter-cultural. Isn't that what being a Catholic-Christian is all about?

    Yep. :)

  5. I am LOVING this series and I love having the topics in advance, it gives me more time to think about them and blog accordingly, rather than word-vomiting posts up! :)

  6. I've written another post on this topic, trying to clear to some things up and used your post / linked to your blog. :-)

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