Fave things I use (almost) everyday!

Huh... it's been a while since I've posted about my Favorite Things.  It's about time!  Plus!!  I have been dying to figure out a way to participate in Natalie's makeup linkup... so here I am combining the two. Gasp! Two linkups in one post?!  Yes... it's been done before... and it will be done again. ;)

Moving on.

Now, I should say that makeup isn't really a fave thing for me these days.  Because my skin has gotten to be so bad, it's really more of a necessity.  It's something that I need to do to minimize the redness and lessen the distraction, rather than something I enjoy and have fun with.  Ya know what I mean?  Hopefully one day I can really enjoy makeup and play around with it again, like I did when I was in high school.

With that being said, these are some of the things that I do enjoy right now. :)

This is my makeup drawer.
This pic makes it seem wayyyyy more organized than it is.
I have used this product since I got sucked into the infommercial (sp?) in high school.
I have not used any other product since.  I can't stand the idea of putting liquid makeup on my face. Blah! It just grosses me out.  So the powder is really awesome for me.
You guys, I have even had a few of my containers SINCE high school.  That is either really gross or really amazing.  Because the makeup is mineral based, there are no preservatives, so the makeup itself really doesn't get old.  Therefore, this stuff lasts forever!

I know there are other brands of brushes out there, but I have just stuck with these.
I love them.  I haven't tired all of them, but the ones that I use are all amazing.
The maximum full coverage concealer, the full flawless face and the heavenly face are the ones I used regularly.  When I am in the eye-makeup mood, I will use the double ended shaping brush.
Man... these things feel so sweet on my face!

I am in la la la la LOVE with this mascara.
It was recommended by my hair stylist, and I am so glad I listened.
For a very long time I was loyal to a Maybelline kind, and then it was discontinued.
I was heartbroken (dramatic much?!), and never found something that I really loved again.
Until this!!
I love how it goes on. It is NOT clumpy. The brush has very short, plastic bristles and is curved to give your lashes just a bit of lift.  It comes off easily.  Yet, it does run or smudge throughout the day.
Plus, it helps your lashes grow and become fuller!! No need for an extra serum or anything. It's an all in one!!
It's more than I ever would have wanted to pay for mascara at $20 a pop, but it is well worth it in my opinion.  I am a believer in this product.  And I will continue to pay a little extra for something that I really enjoy.  It's the one thing in my makeup routine that I really, really love putting on every day.


I use the leave-in spray right after the shower... and then towel dry my hair. It really helps with the tangles that my hair always manages to get into.  After a few minutes, and right before I am ready to dry my hair, I spray a few squirts of the blow-dry spray.
I am not too sure if the blow-dry spray really cuts my thick hair's drying time, as I am always styling my hair, so that takes time in and of itself, but, I really enjoy it.
Both of these products smell great and don't really weigh my hair down, which is nice, b/c as I said, I have some thick hair, which tends to be on the greasier side.  So, that's always nice.

Almay Makeup Remover Pads
I love these things. Easy to use, throw away when done.
Gets my mascara off no problem.
I got these on sale a while back, so I stocked up.  When I went to open this most recent container, the pads were a little dried out. I just added some water to them, and they have worked just like new!
Sometimes, the chemical does burn my eyes, but it's usually if I am pressing really hard (and am distracted by something).

So, there you have it!
Let me know if you have tried any of these things!! 
What are your fave makeup things?!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love bare minerals and Urban Decay!! Have you tried Urban Decay eye shadows? I'm obsessed with the Naked palette! Lol

  2. Thanks for linking up!! I may have to give those Almay pads a try.

  3. I love the eye make-up remover pads but I would say to Natalie G, be sure to get the oil based ones because the water-based ones did not remove the make up the same way. They did burn my eyes a bit but so do some face washes!

    1. Really?? The ones I use are oil-free and get my makeup off no problem. Interesting!


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