{NAS} Can a Career be a Vocation?

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Interesting topic this week... I can't wait to see your perspectives.  Morgan and I imagine this topic, too, will garner some strong opinions.  Let's remember that we are creating a conversation here.  Not handing out a set of rules or telling each other what is absolutely right or wrong.  We will always stand by the teachings of the Church, but most of the topics we discuss have a big grey area.  That's why we are talking about them.  Anyway... we just wanted to put out a friendly reminder that, yes, we are a community where we want (and should!) be challenged, but in a loving and respectful way. :)

So... careers.  We live in a culture that says women SHOULD have a career!  They SHOULD have a great home!  They SHOULD have an awesomely cute husband!  They SHOULD take care of the kids and make sure they are dressed well, receiving the best education and all that jazz.  OH! and be thin and well dressed and pretty and a good cook, blah blah blah.

Holy smokes.  That is a whole flipping lot... for one single woman.  I mean, back in the day it was just a lot to keep the house and kids in order.  But,  now to have a career on top of that... phew!

Do I think it's possible to have all that?  Of course.  There are women all over the world who make that happen.  Working from home.  A nanny.  Travel with the kids.  There are many-a-thing that can help a woman have her career, marriage and family.

But,  I feel at some point, something has got to give.  At some point the demands in your career will outweigh whats going on at home and thus, your marriage/family will suffer.  Or, the demands of marriage/family will outweigh work, and therefore cause your job to suffer.

And for me... that would be just horrible.  I may have some perfectionist "qualities" that would really struggle with not being the best at my job AND the best wife AND the best mom.  I always respected my great uncle who decided at a young age that he loved the military so much, he knew he wouldn't be able to give a wife and family what they deserved if he got married.  So, he never did.  Yes, it may have made for a slightly lonely life as he got older, but he had a wonderful career and got to see the world.  That's pretty incredible if you ask me.

I guess here's the thing... if you feel that your career is where God is leading you right now, then by all means, make that a priority!  If you are living your life in accordance to the will of God, then you really can't go wrong.  Take that promotion!  Move across the country for the better opportunity!  Do what you need to do to be successful!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I think it's easy to fall in the trap of not living our lives fully because we are aren't living out our vocations.  But, as we all have heard, this "season" of our lives IS where God wants us to be right now.  And part of that is our job, career, school, etc.  Trust me, I struggle with this a lot.  I am not perfect at it... but I have taken full advantage of what my career has offered me.

At my first job, I learned so much.  I got involved in quite a few things, which in turn helped me to have a profound love and respect for the profession of nursing.  I won some awards.  I was able to travel... a ton!  I was able to be with kids every day.  I learned so much about what I was capable of doing.

That job prepared me to take the leap of faith to go to Honduras.  If I wasn't able to focus on my career and learn all that I could, there was no way I would have been able to be successful down there.  By going to Honduras, I learned more about what parts of nursing I love, and what parts aren't really my favorite.  Now, I realize that not everyone's job or career is as flexible as nursing, but the point I want to make is this: don't miss the opportunities that God may be using through your job just because it's your "job" and not your vocation.  He works through all things and wants us to learn something with each new experience we have.  And for many of us right now, those experiences come through our careers.

Annnnd... as we have discussed before, hopefully we are being proactive in making God's will a reality.  We are putting ourselves out there and meeting new people.  And, who knows?!  Maybe those experiences through work/school/etc is exactly how God plans for you to meet your future hubby.  Or meet a Sister who is part of the community you are supposed to join.  We have to be open to it.

As I alluded to above, I think we all have to seriously pray about what our careers will look like once we have taken vows... through marriage or the religious life.  I think it's important to realize once we say "I do" you and your hubby's priorities WILL be different, and that may mean your career could take a backseat.  Would that be ok for you?  No one can answer that but you and God.  I know that some women la la la love to work.  They love that time away and interactions with people other than their own brood.  I know they exist out there! :) (and of course this has nothing with the women that need to work... please don't take this the wrong way, folks!)  As I was discussing this with a friend over the weekend, it's hard for her to imagine working.  To be away from her family.  I think I would be the same way.  As much as I love nursing, I don't love it enough, nor is it fulfilling enough, to keep me away from my husband and family.  Now, of course this is all with the hope that I won't have to work.  Meaning that my future husband's career will be able to support me being home with our family.  That is where my priorities, and ultimately, my fulfillment lie.

Well, now that I have written a book, which made me realize that I have a loooooot MORE thoughts stirring around in my head about things related to this... I will stop.  I may post more thoughts at a later point.  When I first started typing... this is not actually where I thought this post would lead when I began writing.  But, God is funny like that.  I learned more about myself here... so, that's always fun! :)

Alrighty... get your link-up on down below!  And, I will see you next week!

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  1. Hi, Jen! To be honest, this angle of the topic is not one I even considered! I do think it's great that we're learning about ourselves and desired priorities if marriage is in the future. But I also really like what you say in your bolded statements, too. :)

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  3. As I alluded to above, I think we all have to seriously pray about what our careers will look like once we have taken vows... through marriage or the religious life - I love this.


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