NAS: Patience

When you find yourself becoming really impatient, or struggling with your life to "really" begin, how do you combat it? Do you do anything? How can we support one another in this area?

Yea... I struggle with this.  I struggle with this... A LOT.

I am not sure I have any concrete advice in this area.  What I find that I do do... is stay busy.  Keep myself occupied with other things, so that I am not really thinking about it, ya know?  So, my focus isn't on my future or a husband or children.  I guess another way to say that is really trying to live in the NOW.

Boy, it's hard.  Especially because my NOW involves many, many friends that are all married.  Ha... so, it's kindaaaa always in my face.  I love my friends... and they love me.  But, the life they are living is the life that I so desire.

But, I am making (albeit slooooowww) progress in getting involved with things, so that I can keep busy.  Meeting new people.  Hopefully try new things... I am not a "just go out and DO IT!" type person, though.  I am not very outgoing (for those that know me, I am. But, when it involves new people it takes a while for that to come out!), so just going for new experiences realllllly takes a lot for.  I need to get better at that.

I am also trying to limit the blogs that I read, especially the ones that complain about marriage and kids and all that because OHMYGOSH do you KNOW how many woman are yearning for the life that you seem to get frustrated with ALLTHETIME?!  I don't want that in my head.  I get that marriage and motherhood have their difficult things... but, guess what??  My single life isn't always sunshine and roses either.

Right now... this is the cross that I have been given.  A cross, you ask??  Yes... I really think it is.  It's not the most horrible thing in the world, but crosses don't always have to be physical pains or traumas.  In my life, for me personally, God has asked me to bear this cross.  One that involves great patience, trust, humility and faith.  He has put a desire for marriage and motherhood on my heart, and because His will has yet to be fully revealed, He has asked me to embrace this struggle in my life right now.  And, as Father reminded us in his homily on Sunday, to just keep praying.  Be persistent.  If something is on your heart, and it's part of God's plan, He will make it happen.  We just have to keep praying.

And for whatever reason... this actually gives me a sense of peace.  This IS part of God's plan.  And all will be well.  He has my back.  For that I am soooo grateful! :)

Recently I have been clinging to Matt Maher's Lord, I Need You.  I can't get enough of it.

I really like this version with Audrey Assad... and how they are both feeling the Spirit! :)

As far as supporting one another.  Doing exactly what we are doing: talking about it.  Reaching out.  Loving one another.  Reminding each other we are not alone and that we are not crazy for feeling what we are feeling.  If we lived closer... going out for drinks, praying together, screaming if needed. :)

What about you???  Can't wait to hear your thoughts!  Head over to Morgan's to linkup!

Below is the schedule for the next few weeks... please read ALL of this, because we have some news and need your input!

Next Week:
No one would encourage you to "settle" in your relationships, but would you ever consider it?
What are your thoughts on settling in relationships in general?

November 5:
Fave single-person websites/blogs
Share your favorite single person websites or blogs!
Include post/articles that pertain to the single life, if you want, too!

November 12:
Vulnerability with friends
Do you find that your non-single friends struggle with relating to you or vice versa? If so, in what ways? How do you handle it? What is something that you would like them to know or understand that they just don't seem to get?

November 19:
Surviving events/parties as a singleton
The holidays are coming up! Family parties, friend gatherings... and you're single. How do you "cope"? Any tips or tricks?

Ladies, we have decided to take a break from the Not Alone Series until January 14, 2014.  I know it seems like a long time, but we are coming up on a busy season of travel and family time.  We don't want to take away your time from what's most important.  Feel free to continue to blog about your single life experiences, but we just won't be having anything formal until January. 

We would really like to establish accountability partners!
We love what this series has been doing, but we want to take things a bit further! 
Here's how it will work:
Email us if you are interested
It doesn't matter if you have only participated once or every time!
Please email BOTH Morgan (mvmcfar at and me (jennifercox.rn at by October 29.
Once we have received your emails, we will pair you all up!
We will then notify you by email by November 5.
Only requirement:
A weekly email!  That's it.
You and your partner can set up more emails, Skype dates, etc if you so desire.  But, there should be at least ONE email per week minimum.
Easy peasy!

If you have any questions, please email us!  More info will be given to those who wish to participate.  I think this will be really fun, and I hope it provides great encouragement for all of you.  :)

See you next week!


  1. 'Live in the present' seems to be the returning theme in several bloggers' posts. I don't mind married people complaining, because I know it can be hard, but I truly hate it when married people tell me I'm "sooo lucky!" for being single. Seriously, I'd like to punch people like that in the face.

    1. hahahahaha Ciska, that last line is the perfect sentiment to my reaction to most married people who say they wish they were single or could do whatever they want or etc etc.... punch 'em in the face. Please.

    2. I'm right there with the two of y'all.

  2. That song is seriously my favorite song. It is like my soul in a song haha. Love it!

  3. What a beautiful song! Thanks for posting it! :)

  4. Ahhhh I loved your post! :) And I totally think it's awesome you are avoiding the negative blogs, I try to do that too, it's like "I don't wanna hear about how much you hate folding socks!"

  5. Love that song, it was one of the first I suggest for use at our retreat when we were thinking of having a theme song.

    Great post, you touched on so many things that I think about.

    If something is on your heart, and it's part of God's plan, He will make it happen - I love this line. Sometimes I think my prayers are maybe selfish and I could be praying for peace in Syria or something (not that I don't).


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