Wait, the babe is ONE already?!

Goodness... I have so many things floating around in my head.  So many things that I want to blog about.  So many things I want to share with you all... some random, some heavier... all things on my heart.

Right now, though... I will focus on the most recent (and most obvious?!)...


I mean... how? when? HOW did that happen?  I just can't believe my sweet little goddaughter is ONE.  Technically she is a... toddler now.  That's a weird thing to wrap your head around.  So, for now, she will just continue to be the baby until another one comes along.  Right?!  Isn't that how it works?!

Anyway... my life has been forever changed since I walked into the Oram household officially one year ago, today.  I had no expectations of meeting Zuzu for the first time... I was excited to meet her, but I was also really excited to see my best friend, whom I hadn't seen for a whole year.  I missed her entire pregnancy... and to think the last time I saw Mart, she was a blissful newlywed (and totally still is!) and then all of a sudden she is a mom.  And has a babe.

Mind-blowing.  Yet, so incredibly amazing.

Walking into the quiet house, tiptoeing to the bedroom where Mart and Zuzu rested was just beautiful.  Sometimes, I want to relive that moment over and over again.  It was so overwhelming.  Even though Mart was exhausted, she, herself, was beautiful and glowing.  She was peaceful.  And, I knew that this was exactly what she was supposed to be doing.  She pushed aside the things on the bed, and invited me to cuddle with her and the babe.  And I instantly fell in love with my precious goddaughter.

A day old Zuzu
And my love for this sweet girl has only grown stronger.  She amazes me every.single.day.  She makes me smile, even when I am in a bad mood.  She is funny (I mean, really funny... I laugh out loud constantly), smart, curious, silly, sassy... and perfect.  Just the way God made her.

And to think that I have a role in helping her realize her potential and God's call for her in this life.  It's an honor... and I'm humbled.  I am constantly amazed by this gift that God has given me... and am so thankful that Martha and Tom have allowed me to play such an active role in their daughter's life.  I mean... I really, really am.  I feel like I say that all the time, but it's so true.  And I really cannot imagine my life any differently right now.  How dull it would be. :)

So, thank you Zuz, for allowing me to love you and cuddle you and teach you and have fun with you.  You have shown me and taught me so much already! :)  May God continue to bless you always.

Today also marks one year that I have been here in Southwest FL.  It's the longest I have been anywhere in a few years.  It's crazy!!  When I came down here, I really had no intention of staying... but I'm sure glad I did.  It's been an amazing an fun year, thrown in with some tough stuff.  But, we all have got something.  God sure has blessed my life abundantly.  If only I could remember that when I am having those low points.

I will share later (once I get all my pics organized) some of the fun party details!  :)  It was a great (and long!) day!  So many people loving on the babe... it's just so much fun.  Here are a few 'grams, though!

Also, please read Martha's recap and reflections of now having a one year old daughter. :)  It's well worth the few extra minutes.

Now off I go to do allll the things that I haven't done this week (ie laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc)!

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  1. My cousin in Cali is always telling me how jealous she is that you get to have this amazing bond with your goddaughter and be so close and if/when I have my child she wants to now stay for a least a month at my house lol!


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